Why are we looking for perfection?

Zofia Sharman our consultant managing the role
Posting date: 09 October 2019

Many times the client and candidate both look for perfection – that the candidate/prospective employee has “everything” (and more) and that for the candidate their ultimate job has bells and whistles on every aspect. When either party don’t match in their expectations, caution and hesitation occur resulting in stalemate or the non-movement towards what could be the best ever match between two people.

Really? The best ever match?

Yes, really, since if we have everything picture-perfect where is the evolution in that? Aren’t we meant to be together to evolve together? We know that when this doesn’t happen the relationship always withers to confirm the best match ever is always an evolutionary match. Just because we like and enjoy evolving. Simple.

Essentially, we’re meant to take a new job or new employee with one thing in mind – evolution – “is there evolution in this”? When perfection is there, then what else is there to learn, where is the space to grow, develop and therefore, what is there to evolve even more and later on?

We go to work to evolve ourselves and equally those around us too.

If we approached looking for a new job, new employee, new working relationship and new experience with the understanding of evolution and looking at things in this evolutionary and expansive way then there’d never be any “mistake” or “error” or “bad choice” because there’s been a level of learning instead from it all. Learning is enriching for us and inevitable when we are open to junking the perfection, embracing the gaps and just going for it.

So in situations ask yourself – what could I learn and evolve by taking this presenting opportunity?

If there is nothing, consider it carefully, though wisely noting there is no such thing as perfection; it’s always an ideal, picture and thus illusion.

If there is something then take it and see where you land – it could be the best ever thing you did minus the handicapping picture of ideal you later find yourself stuck in.

ZOFIA SHARMAN - ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIP, leads the HR practice for Hanover and for many years has been and remains deeply committed towards the importance of well-being and vitality at work, to those whose careers she helps manage and also clients she recruits for.

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