What is our greatest encyclopedia?

Zofia Sharman our consultant managing the role
Posting date: 01 November 2019

Banking on, counting on, relying on, expecting... what exactly? A fee, a deal, commission, pay-rise, client, job, position, title, promotion? 

Then there's not delivering, but not on what exactly? 

Are any tears of disappointment shed for the above not coming into fruition or for “something else”? What if “something else” was our greatness and in missing this we replace it with “insignificance”? 

When caught up over "loss", "failure to deliver", “insignificance” someone asked me to consider what is all around me and something certain - 

I reflected on SPACE 

And I realised that when we don't make it about the voluminosity or expanse of space and being in it but instead caught in TIME then all we do is reduce everything to an experience of limited time (impatience, irritation, expectation, compromise) and as a result the limitation of oneself and hence one’s significance.

And so if we realised there was an expanse inside us and in this realised our significance, then might we learn to appreciate that anything else is minor to that?

Space is the go-to. It’s treasured because we are from it and resonate with it.

Space is certain and what is certain always holds significance and importance.

And there you have it...

The answer to understanding what is and what is not of significance. That when we go into space within ourselves or observe the outer space to see the stars and their constellations, the galaxies of the heavens and the universes we may sense an expanse of the greatest encyclopaedia to which we all belong where we realise with watering eyes the grand illusion we’ve fallen for about us not being of any significance or importance, when in truth in space, we are both.

ZOFIA SHARMAN - all about relationship, leads the HR practice for Hanover and is the group’s Well-being Ambassador. For many years she has been deeply committed towards the importance of well-being and vitality at work to those careers she helps manage and clients she recruits for.

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