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Zofia Sharman our consultant managing the role
Posting date: 11 December 2019

Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone whose voice had a settling or almost healing effect on you? How did you leave their company or presence – feeling tired, imposed on, or instead feeling free, light, connected?


Did the vibration of their voice support you to be with you, help you make sense, or even make some part of your life or situation clearer and simpler?

What we can feel from a person or their “vibration” is something which communicates a lot. It can reveal the quality of their nature, or their essence at any moment in time. Of course, vibration can change depending on what might be going on for someone for example, quality gets affected by emotion, reaction, upset, stress.

The quality of our essence isn’t a technical skill that’s learned like producing a power point presentation or piece of work but instead something that is from within us that comes from the way we live our life. And the way we live daily captures a certain quality that communicates our nature or essence to people - when the quality has a care, regard, respect, love, it has power to transform and benefit people in the workplace. 

Looking at “the what comes before” i.e. the energetic quality or make-up of a person and the effect they have on those around them is worth a pausing thought. 

If we can consider and accept the importance of this, then how should it make us think about jobs, professions, levels of seniority? For example if a cleaner held an energetic quality through the caring, considering and loving way they lived on a daily basis thus transferring this quality into the way they did their job to leave an “invisible trail” that could be felt … and a CEO of the company who carries out their job of leading and creating working cultures held the opposite quality, then which person and job position would hold a truer power or benefit to employees in the office? 

The way we live and the quality with which we hold ourselves in for example simply in stress and reaction or instead care and ease has a direct effect and impact on people around us. 

It’s an interesting consideration when we look at energy or energetic quality first before everything else, we do.

So ever need a job doing? 

Then perhaps don’t give it to the one who is the most busy or flying around in intensity, but instead try the one who you can feel-see has a quality that has a rhythm, flow, order in how they are and in how they carry out their job. Maybe that’s the one to look out for. The one to glimpse sight of, spot and even study. 

Energy and the varying quality of the energy is something super important as it highlights the measure and the nature of how we or another is doing at any moment in time. 

Maybe then our ability to discern the type of energy around us that is coming through people is the pre-requisite “super-skill” we need to work on and develop for how it helps shed light as to the why, the how and the what made it all happen in the first place. Energy. The inescapable and grand highlighter of understanding work, life and relationship.

ZOFIA SHARMAN - all about relationship, leads the HR practice for Hanover and is the group’s Well-being Ambassador. For many years she has been deeply committed towards the importance of well-being and vitality at work to those careers she helps manage and clients she recruits for.

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