Hiding in plain sight: Aren’t we all disabled? 

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            Hanover's Online Event 

On Tuesday 1st December, Hanover are hosting an interactive online event for Senior Leaders that is focused on improving inclusion for people with disabilities.

Hanover has the honour of being joined by Alexandra Haggard, a founding member of the Diversity Project who is currently leading its work stream on improving inclusion for people with disabilities. 

Alexandra will set out her Diversity and Inclusion journey, leading up to her discovery of her own disability – and the discomfort that accompanied it. She will attempt to re-frame participants understanding of what it is to be disabled, and why we all are – or will at some point be - disabled.

She will conclude with how individuals and firms can collaborate to welcome the incredible skills that are currently being stifled or entirely excluded from both the workforce and daily life because of our bias to “ableism.”

Meet the event host

Alexandra Haggard is a founding member of the UK’s Diversity Project, an organisation designed to accelerate progress towards an inclusive culture in the investment industry, and a member of its Steering Committee. Established in 2016, the Diversity Project now brings together over 70 member firms spanning asset owners, investment consultants, asset managers, industry bodies and search firms in an intense programme of work streams focused on the many aspects of Diversity and Inclusion. 

Alexandra is co-lead of the Disability work stream, partly as a result of discovering in 2018 that she herself is “disabled”. She is now leading a project to encourage 30 investment firms to become “Disability confident” by the end of 2021, in an effort to bring down barriers to people with disability entering and remaining in the investment industry. 

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