Meet our Returning Mum - Talia Carpenter

Read Talia’s story about returning to work after maternity leave.

What is your career background at HSG?

I joined Hanover Search Group to work on the Asset Management desk. I wanted a group with a strong brand and track record who could enable me to access senior stakeholders. I then outlined a core market for myself with the Head of Asset Management (Paul Groarke) who has provided support and mentoring to me from the start. Having focussed on UK Institutional, other mandates and specialist areas have arisen from there and the role has evolved to a degree where we are able to use our network and contacts to deliver on a much broader base of requirements for clients than ever before.

What’s changed at HSG since coming back?

I noticed new faces almost instantly, there seems to be a real focus on attracting top talent; whether it be somebody who has an impressive existing rolodex or perhaps a bright and energetic graduate who wants to learn – Hanover Search Group are open minded and able to secure some really great people.

As a returning mother what support are you getting from the business?

Being a first time mum is daunting at the best of times let alone thinking about your return to work and how you might juggle everything; this transition however has been made less stressful by the way in which Hanover Search Group has supported me. We worked together to find a happy median that works for me and the business. I am able to work from home when I need to. I was also able to negotiate flexibility on my set working hours to ensure I have enough time to drop my baby off in the mornings without feeling under pressure! It is certainly these little things in life that make a huge difference to working mums.

How does 2018 look for you and your market? Has your market changed?

I am hopeful 2018 will be bright and busy, I am re-connecting with existing clients and approaching new contacts to talk about industry opportunities and challenges that have occurred during my maternity leave. Risk is certainly an area in focus right now and will create many opportunities for us to explore with our clients. It’s amazing how much has changed in 11 months. M&A continues to change the landscape and means we are much more flexible to our client needs at any given moment in time. We are a people business and so it remains paramount to stay close to clients who already have a relationship with you and know and trust you.

What have you discovered about yourself since having a baby?

I never knew how much “stuff” you need when you have a baby – a spontaneous day out suddenly becomes a strategically planned operation! It has certainly taught me how to be more patient and selfless than before, and that it is possible to survive on much less than 8 hours sleep a night!