Hanover Search Group – Well-Being Wednesday Series

Welcome to Hanover’s Well-being Wednesday series. As an executive search firm, we realise we have a responsibility to not only represent candidates [talent] to our clients and our clients to candidates but also to include in our recruiting and career managing process the ingredient of care. Though in truth we can only care for another or provide care if we provide that care for ourselves first.

We all want healthy, vital, thriving potential employees to hire, colleagues, managers and leaders to work with, and to feel in ourselves a sense of wellbeing, balance and settlement in daily life. And, of course “Well-being” is an increasing hot topic of great interest on the agenda for HR because of the impact we know it has on staff engagement and retention, talent management and succession planning.

“The CIPD’s latest research on health and well-being at work with SimplyHealth shows that mental health is now an even more significant challenge than seen in previous years. The number of HR professionals reporting an increase in reported common mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression, in their organisation has jumped from 41% in 2017 to 55% in 2018” - CIPD

The well-being and health of an organisation stands on the quality of its current leadership as well as its workforce which determines the type of working culture and whether that culture is a draw and pull factor or a detraction for potential future employees, and equally a push factor for those employees already in situ. So, we could say that if it’s not happening within and at the top, it’s not happening outside or below either.

Thus, whatever our job, title or position, looking after our own personal “being” is vital and it’s the quality of our “being” that determines whether we feel internally well to eventuate a “well-being”, or not so well within and have what we might say an “ill-being”. Being well with our “being” and doing things that support the inner, psychological and physical aspects of our own health is what helps bring a sense of ease and harmony. This quality also brings natural collaboration with others and makes work enjoyable where we love the job we do and the people we work with. It makes sense to explore our state of inner-being and importantly make the distinction about the fact of its quality and - the continual reviewing of this. A review where we learn to assess for ourselves and make choices that support our own mental and bodily well-being which supports us in the jobs we do, careers we embark on or how we manage and lead. To look after ourselves and self-care means we naturally care about work and the quality of work we produce; we also care about the people we work with too. So, self-care is essential for developing healthy relationships (of all kinds).

We hope you will enjoy our vitality series “Wellbeing Wednesday” that will cover anything about the quality of how we are doing and working, how we are building our careers, the quality of our workforces, of talent and of leadership, how we are relating to ourselves and with each other. Posts that inspire the importance of care, of caring, and ultimately love. Because to love our job, career or work, we need to learn to self-love to continually develop further this love… simply because there is no endpoint to love, only more love to love. And more work to do with that love.

Zofia Sharman - all about relationship, leads the HR practice for Hanover Search Group and for many years has been deeply committed towards the importance of well-being and vitality at work, to those careers she helps manage and to those clients she recruits for too.