How to Best Manage Your Career

In the job of recruitment, the subject of how to best manage a candidate’s career often comes up.  Many candidates look to us as Recruiters to advise or counsel which we do, though I often find that the person who manages their career well is the person that knows themselves or is reflective of who they are as a human being beyond the skills or experiences they have acquired over the years.

Taking this aspect further we can look to our physical body and what resides within it. We might know this as an essence or type of quality that is responsible for how we feel and generates our level of wellbeing. Connected to this we might have a sense there is something more to us than just flesh and bones. And that when we are connected to this, we can receive a knowing, definite sense or intuition about something, a person, a situation, a job opportunity and so on. Feeling connected to the essence within us is helpful and directive in regard to making certain choices about our future though often there are things we do that stop us from being connected to this inner-quality and therefore knowing for ourselves and which direction we are to go in.

What can help us connect back to this confirming quality? The answer is our body.

The quality type of relationship we have with our body is important. Learning to develop an awareness of our body, how it feels, what we do with it, whether we listen to it and care for it is also important because the awareness brings a level of honesty, realness and where we can get to the nuts and bolts [truth] about how we are really doing in life, at work and in our career.

Things like:

- headaches

- lower back pain

- bloating after certain foods

- eye strain

- sugar or caffeine rushes

- tiredness

- hunger

- experiencing a physical fall, bumping into people, burning your hand on the oven

- a sporting accident, broken limb, illness or surgery

… are all simple examples of body-messages that give us insight into how we are living, how we are managing in life and how we are being in our careers too.

The link between our body, what we do with it, how we use it - and how we are at work is a link worth considering. Exploring that when our body-quality is self-caring, regarding, respecting, feeling open and light, or instead tight, tense, heavy, in protectiveness or defence … that we can also feel the same quality present at work too.

Our body is a barometer of great wisdom and truth. Its natural state is harmony where it’s communicating exactly and precisely how we are doing and how we are being. Our body can bring us to a stop physically if we are out of our harmony and maybe need to slow down, rest, sleep, convalesce, regather ourselves and so on. And so, when it comes to best managing our career, best managing our body and its communication is somewhat essential simply because through the body the entire and future direction of our whole-life is revealed to us when we listen to its counsel.

Zofia Sharman - all about relationship, leads the HR practice for Hanover Search Group and for many years has been deeply committed towards the importance of well-being and vitality at work, to those careers she helps manage and to those clients she recruits for too.