New Year, New Job?

New Year, New Job? Or not quite? At some stage or another and as Recruiters we get a signal or gauge that the person sat in front of us is not quite ready to make the move and take our opportunity … or take any other job come to think of it. Similarly, we can get a sense when our job opportunity and the candidate’s positive overtures do not guarantee it’s the right move for them, though they remain convinced it is and do a great job in convincing us too.

So, here’s a question I want to ask:

If you gauged the job opportunity you had was not the right opportunity for the person and their circumstances (yet you knew they could do it) and they were in a desperate quandary and frankly ought to stay put for the time being – would you still sell/push the opportunity to make the deal?!

Yes, I know a person makes their own choice.

Yes, I understand we have a job to do as Recruiters.

However, in our capacity as Recruiters ---- do we have any duty to present to candidates the clearer picture we can see? Like what is going on in the person’s job/career over and above the exaggerated or blown up reactionary version they might be seeing/experiencing and stressing over?

What would you do? What would be your move?

A. Sell the job hard no matter what, or

B. Deal with their small dinosaur […and prevent a probable counter offer in the process]

Zofia Sharman, leads the HR practice for Hanover Search Group and for many years has been deeply committed towards the importance of well-being and vitality at work, to those careers she helps manage and to those clients she recruits for too.