#BalanceforBetter - International Women’s Day 2019

How far back do we want to look in addressing corrective measures towards the global issues of gender, pay, ethnicity, disability, sexual preference, background, job shortlists, board room levelling? This year’s IWD theme #BalanceForBetter has got me wondering about the meaning of ‘balance’ from an introspective stance.

If you could have one thing added to your life you know would provide balance to how you’re living and working then

1. What would this be?


2. Would you implement it?

Might be time, space, ending something, securing a new job, having purpose, keeping fit, working out finances, de-cluttering, eating foods that support the body, literally whatever it might be -

I wonder what would happen to workplaces, workforces, work structures if we each took a moment to stop and reflect on the word BALANCE; equilibrium; one-life?

“The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see” – Winston Churchill

And conversely on the meaning of his life, Donald Trump commented in the past: “No, I don’t want to think about it. I don’t like to analyse myself because I might not like what I see.”

When it comes to ‘BalanceForBetter’ are you standing with Churchill or with Trump?

Zofia Sharman - all about relationship, leads the HR practice for Hanover Search Group and is the group’s well-being Ambassador. For many years she has been deeply committed towards the importance of well-being and vitality at work to those careers she helps manage and clients she recruits for.