The (Well) Being in Your Career

As a Recruiter I spend a lot of my time dealing with people’s wellbeing because that’s largely what determines their reason for moving jobs, their reason for accepting job offers and their capacity to secure a new job too. We can say that “work-life balance” is an important factor for work because it gives us a sense of wellbeing but is there a bit more to being well?

I say this because many have those moments at work when they feel discombobulated or a fraction out. For example, in the case of looking for a new job we might recall those times when we know we sell ourselves with difficulty, avert with stories, come across as unclear and essentially tune out of the moment escaping into our mind through avoiding questions, not listening or hearing. When we’re not connected like this it affects our chances of being represented to a potential employer. And this is the aspect about wellbeing -- when we’re not connected to ourselves and to the body as one whole, we come across as “not being well”, perhaps vacant, backward in focus, heightened in stimulation or low and dull in energy. We might be doing all the actions and motions or communicating saying the right things to make it look like we’ve got it together but something else is communicating the inescapable measure of how we’re doing.

The quality inside us, our inner quality, rather like water inside a water bottle is the communicator.

If we can relate to a quality inside of us then we might also understand how this inner quality gives us a sense of our own settlement, of feeling ok in life. The quality of the being inside us is what determines how well, vital and healthy we feel, our levels of confidence, presence and overall attitude to life, work, family and relationships. And so greater than perhaps hitting the yoga studio, increasing our step count, having massages, facials and so on, well-being really is about living a lifestyle that supports the being inside us.

Our being is naturally still, aligned within and ‘being still’ we can observe rather than speedily react with hasty emotions from finding ourselves that “fraction out”. It’s about no longer opting out but opting in: Opting back in to living that original quality of us we’ve been steering well clear of – stillness. It’s about us re-committing to what needs to be committed to - ourselves and every single aspect of our life, work, rest and play.

Well-being is the palpable sense of settlement in the body

When we make it about re-connecting to our whole body and the awareness of what we are feeling inside our body and from this make active choices that support the inner being we learn to live “together as one”. We get to feel a sense of wellbeing that grows the more we choose to live in reference to our original inner quality – our stillness.

Zofia Sharman - all about relationship, leads the HR practice for Hanover Search Group and is the group’s Well-being Ambassador. For many years she has been deeply committed towards the importance of well-being and vitality at work to those careers she helps manage and clients she recruits for.