What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is a very personal subject and personal journey too because it’s to do with our own connection and how we are relating to ourselves first before we are relating to another person and our job/work. The actual quality and type of connection we have with ourselves determines everything including our level of wellbeing. Wellbeing can fluctuate when our connection changes or gets affected.

When we are connected, the power is on, we’re ready and prepared, in other words, we can feel there is a settled quality within our bodies. So, to feel well we must experience and enjoy a level of settlement inside us.

The level of settlement establishes our wellbeing and the starting point for this begins with looking at and exploring the type of relationship we’re choosing to have with ourselves i.e. how we’re treating ourselves in general and if this has the basic elements of care, respect, regard, to then love, nurture, treasure, even appreciate. Within the mix is also observation and awareness … clocking moments when we’re not on point or doing ok, reactionary, insincere, in pretence, or hand on heart not truly looking after ourselves. When this happens, we compromise our physical body and wellbeing sense - since who feels great when they know they’ve compromised? Who feels great when their connection is off, who feels great when they react with emotion or upset? Who feels great when they take on another person’s issue or hurt? Who feels great when they hold back what they truly feel?

Wellbeing is

- Connection

- The attention of ourselves

- Self-relationship: focus, exploration and understanding of oneself

- Observation

- Awareness

- Settlement

It contains or involves

- Personal responsibility

- Response or responding with feeling over than reacting with emotion

- Not compromising

- Not holding back feelings

- Detachment and breathing our own breath not the situation or another’s problem

When we know we’re out or going through the motions, on autopilot, then as soon as possible we make the effort to come back to connection; doing what we can and know supports us to come back to ourselves and back into connection with others to feel a steady sense of settlement within. This is wellbeing.

Zofia Sharman - all about relationship, leads the HR practice for Hanover Search Group and for many years has been and remains deeply committed towards the importance of wellbeing and vitality at work, to those whose careers she helps manage and clients she recruits for.