Our Partnership Agreement underpins what we do as a team, the processes we follow and the outstanding results we achieve.

Our Commitment To You:

  • To ensure that the recommendation made is the most appropriate recruitment method for your business.
  • That candidates are thoroughly interviewed prior to submission to ensure every candidate has the correct skills, experience and personality for your business.
  • That you will receive comprehensive, qualitative and accurate information for shortlisted candidates.
  • To manage the recruitment process effectively and provide a transparent understanding of candidate expectations throughout.
  • To provide detailed candidate feedback following every interview stage.


  • To provide comprehensive information about your company, the role and the decision making process.
  • To maintain regular contact throughout the recruitment process.
  • To provide candidate feedback within 48 hours of interview.
  • To offer, where practicable, the selected candidate within 48 hours of the final interview.
  • To make us aware promptly of any changes to candidate requirements.
  • To provide us with candid feedback and judge us by the key performance indicators set out at the commencement of the assignment.
  • To inform us of candidates proposed by third parties so we can interview and screen on your behalf.

Our vision statement

Our Destination aim is to be a global leader in Insurance, Asset and Wealth Management executive search and selection by 2020.

Our Purpose is to empower our clients through the delivery of exceptional talent, helping them to achieve outstanding business performance.

Our Values are to act with Integrity, behave with Humility & Selflessness, deliver Service & confront challenges and issues with Courage.

- James Emmett, CEO -