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Diversity and inclusion isn't a new topic.

Hanover has been leading a strategy to assist customers in searching for and recruiting more female leaders for the past few years. It’s been well documented that businesses that have more diverse workforces achieve higher profits than those that don't, driving innovation and attracting better talent into the future. 

However, the D&I case is much more than a gender issue. In fact, it covers nine protected characteristics: age, gender, disability, ethnicity, gender reassignment, race, religion, belief and sexual orientation.

With skill shortages challenging virtually every industry, more organisations have D&I on their agenda and there is a new drive to be open and discuss D&I, not just for its commercial benefits but also for the opportunities it creates in the workforce. We all benefit from being around people with different mindsets, backgrounds and abilities, whether that’s in the workplace or wider community.

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Many of our clients have goals to achieve in terms of D&I.

Some are supporting initiatives and decisive action to drive this change, recruiting differently; reviewing jobs descriptions, having more diverse interview panels, building capabilities of existing leaders and teams, challenging their cultures, running programmes to support strategies in these areas and making people accountable for delivery.

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Maecenas vitae
Maecenas vitae

Helping clients achieve their goals

  • Tailoring our approach to address very specific D&I requirements to ensure our long- and shortlists provide a high level of diversity.
  • Organising and chairing seminars on this topic for clients.
  • Consulting on initiatives specific to our customers' markets and contributing to their thought process.
  • Through our Leadership Solutions, building capabilities of existing leaders to embed change in their organisation.

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Gender initatives

We have a three-tier approach to help current and future women leaders and our clients attract, develop and engage top talent:

Early contact:

Working with high performing professionals at the early stages of their careers and keeping in touch to ensure they feel confident and connected to and return to their careers after taking time out

Executive career management:

We've been doing this more than 20 years for all of our executives. We help senior women to consider the many opportunities open to them and manage their future in a way that suits their motivations and ambitions.

Client alignment:

Success is our understanding of the client, the market, the talent and the culture fit. We help high performing talent join the right organisation, as well as assisting clients to appreciate the cultural and working dynamics that will attract female talent to want to work and stay with them.

Our service offering

We know that people are your biggest asset. At Hanover, we offer a range of services designed to flex to your specific business requirements.

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