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Disruptors banking on a revolution.

The early 2020s are seeing the Financial Services and Insurance sectors going through a technological metamorphosis. FinTechs are squaring off against the big banks, with a spotlight on customer engagement, an attention to data analytics and a finger on the pulse of innovations like blockchain, AI, robotics and connected devices. Meanwhile, providing streamlined workflows, user-friendly experience and customised solutions, InsurTechs have challenged traditional insurance firms and earned their place as a multi-billion-dollar industry. 

These new players are changing the game and giving the corporate goliaths a run for your money.

2020 also saw working from home becoming the mandatory norm. Looking forward at 2021 and beyond, many FinTechs and InsurTechs have discovered the WFH model is a viable solution to their real estate and recruitment woes. An all-remote workforce means no longer needing to lease a big office. From a hiring standpoint, it also means the search for quality talent isn’t limited to only those willing to relocate to the company’s location. While this widens the breadth of available candidates, it can make the quest for the perfect hire that much more overwhelming. Hanover’s elite team of search consultants are here to help navigate that vast sea of potential, using tailored leadership assessments to find the perfect candidate.

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With FinTechs and InsurTechs, keeping up with emerging trends and innovations is key, and finding those who can adapt to this ever-evolving landscape is just as important. Hanover’s skilled team of search consultants with over two decades experience in these global sectors, as well as experts in technology, offer comprehensive knowledge and understanding of these constantly-iterating enterprises. This is essential to finding that ideal candidate who will bring the right level of expertise, keep up with the speed of technology and fit within the company culture.

While these new and emerging FinTech and InsurTech startups attract fresh minds and voices, zeroed in on bringing innovation to the masses, there’s also the need for seasoned veterans of the corporate world who understand the ins and outs of their respective industries. Someone with a “big business” set of tools and the flexibility to adapt with the times can do wonders for helping a fledgling company grow. Hanover finds talent who can bring that expertise and merge it into a modern-day ethos.

Investing in quality people shouldn’t feel like a risky investment.

With only so much seed capital to go around, many startups and scaleups in their nascent stages treat Executive Search as an unobtainable luxury. Hanover understands that every penny is precious and preliminary cash flow hurdles shouldn’t get in the way of acquiring quality talent.

We offer pricing solutions with flexible payment milestones directly tied to the startup or scaleup’s capital raising efforts. This frees up those initial funds to focus on other vital aspects of the company’s growth, while still enabling them to find top-tier executive talent, thoughtfully vetted and curated by Hanover’s expert recruitment team.

Let Hanover be your trusted partner in the journey toward our shared goal: your company’s success.

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