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The reputation we have forged in the competitive world of executive search is rooted in value lead recruitment.

To disrupt a market requires operating with a meaningful difference, integrity, creativity, and innovation and that is what we are doing here at Hanover. Relationships and trust are our building blocks, and we prioritize developing a substantial connection with all our clients and candidates. Our specialist team is growing a ‘world-class' hub for Financial Advisors across the country to make the right move, to evolve their careers, find meaningful purpose and fulfill their potential. 

We are market specialists

Our "T12 Titans team" works purely to offer opportunities for Financial Advisors in not only the traditional investment giants, however within private banks, boutique offerings and specialist regional opportunities.

 We also help advisors who may want to work more independently or move away from traditional brokerage models. We build trust, listen and offer opportunities that meet every need and by the way, we manage the entire process with your potential employer, so you don't have to. Our Senior partners who lead our Wealth Management business have moved some of the country’s largest most successful financial advisors.

How do we do it?

We are experts; recently voted number one by Executive Grapevine for the consecutive year in the categories of  Financial Services and Retail, highly ranked for Asset Management and Global Banking.

We understand no two people, or the situation is the same; hence, we aim to meet you in person as soon as possible to start our relationship and really get to know you. Our Partners have over 40 years' combined experience – they understand the intricacies of transition packages, what potential opportunities are out there and who is doing what. We become your agents, carefully curating and presenting opportunities.  Working totally independently, akin to the world of sports or entertainment, we deliver a managable number of options that could be right career move for you.

Even if you aren't looking to make a move right now, we truly value building long term relationships.  We’ll invest time to meet you regularly and be on hand when you are set to think about your next firm.

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Everyone has their own set of circumstances, however here are some common questions we get asked from the many advisors we talk to, so this might provide valuable insight.

Maecenas vitae

What's the deal, why Hanover?

The advisory industry, like so many is complicated and vast; digital disruption, changes to delivery models and regulation – make it a complex and competitive market. We help you see through this, with a keen eye on tradition, on what's new and what your clients want.  We are a team with 40-plus years of combined experience in the market, able to provide clarity and expert guidance on the wealth management market.

Most importantly, we work in partnership with you to find the next remarkable home for you, your clients and your business.

How do I know I am ready for a move ?

Moving firms isn’t fun, it's a major decision, and one not to be taken lightly.  There must be some valid reasons for the move. When we speak with advisors, there are often some clear ‘push factors' – some of these include; coming to an end of a contractual commitment and wanting to see what's available, feeling uneasy with new operational changes, to feeling like you have ‘fallen out of love' with your work family, or personal factors such as a desired new location.

Often advisors are leaving the wirehouses because they have become too over-bearing, too transitional, and not right for them or their clients and business. Having someone to perfectly guide you through the ‘minefield’ of a new firm, is where we bring value.

Other times there isn't a specific factor, it might just be the right time in your career to ask yourself some more in-depth questions: Am I fulfilled? Is there a better platform for me and my clients? Is my career offering me the purpose and gains that it should be? Am I feeling challenged? Am I motivated by the role, environment, and general direction? Posing some of these questions may lead you to realize you are in the best place that is right for you and it may indeed highlight it's worth exploring new opportunities.

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Maecenas vitae

What options are out there for me and my business?

That's the beauty of working with a specialist. We are your agent. Once we have understood your wants, desires, and importantly what you don't want - due to our longevity and through our privileged client relationships, we can provide a list of potential homes.

Our relationships with these clients has been built over time, giving us a deep understanding of their culture, people and platform. We then work with you to understand their proposition and make some decisions on with whom to initiate conversations.

When should I begin the process & how long with the process take?

It’s always good to have a plan A and B in your pocket! It puts you in control if you are aware of what options are out there for you and your business. If you are considering a move in the next 12 months, bearing in mind these transactions can take up to 6 months to negotiate, plan on starting these ‘get to know you’ meetings with your agent at least 12 months in advance. Your relationship with Hanover should start as soon as possible, even if you are not thinking of a move for the next few years. Very similar to your relationship with your clients, we need to know what you feel and understand your long-term plans.

How can a search partner take the stress of moving firms away from me? Why shouldn’t I just do it through my own networks?

You can of course use your own networks, however, if you are going to do a comprehensive study of the landscape, this will mean meeting with multiple firms, heavy communications back and forth, calendar management, research, feedback, stress and time.

We act as this essential ‘buffer’, managing the entire process, so you don’t have to. And when it comes to negotiating the deal, you want an agent on your side who has negotiated multiple deals and has expertise and influence. Negotiation is tough; it’s a full-time job, so let it be ours, not yours. We are the experts.

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