About us

Hanover Search Group is a global executive search specialist with a 23-year history and more than 65 employees across our European headquarters in London and offices in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Vermont and Dublin. The Group also operates in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing. We have one of the most influential brands in the industry, ranked number one by the Executive Grapevine in Retail Financial Services and Insurance, 2018.

Our knowledge not only comes from our research and analysis on behalf of our clients but from our highly experienced partners, the majority having come from leadership positions within their specialist sectors. This understanding allows Hanover Search Group to build true partnerships through knowledge and tenure. At our core, Hanover Search Group's purpose is to work in collaboration with our clients to increase performance and build competitive advantage.

Leadership assessment, development and talent management solutions are provided through our people consulting business, Talent ID. The team of highly experienced business psychologists, coaches and facilitators help leaders, groups and organisations to increase their performance and fulfil their potential.

The reputation we have forged in the competitive world of executive search and selection is founded upon our dedication to detail, speed of delivery, professionalism and commitment to service, and we always strive to provide a diverse list of candidates to our clients.

Like our clients, Hanover Search Group’s journey is one that continues to evolve, and our vision is to become your global provider of talent solutions across Europe, America and Asia. Our long-term exposure to these markets allows us the expertise to support our clients across geographical regulatory and cultural boundaries.

Our values are Agile; we have flexibility in approach and find the right solution for our clients. Collaborative, this relates to our approach to delivery and methodology; we lean on our experts, locations and communication with you to deliver the best solution. Trusted, in a new survey, 90% of our clients said we offered good or superb service and Innovative, offering not only search but also leadership assessment and valuable insight capabilities to our customers.


Our vision statement

Our Destination aim is to be a global leader in Financial Services executive search and selection by 2020.

Our Purpose is to empower our clients through the delivery of exceptional talent, helping them to achieve outstanding business performance.

Our Values are to act with Integrity, behave with Humility & Selflessness, deliver Service & confront challenges and issues with Courage.

- James Emmett, CEO -

Why Hanover?

  • Proven Search Specialists

    We have 23 years’ experience in global Financial Services search and selection. We bolster our networking reach by organising industry conferences, and consistently deploy our resources to delve deeper into industry analysis and research.

  • Experts At Your Disposal

    Our teams are highly trained market specialists with excellent knowledge of the sectors we work in. Our clients rely on us to get the big decisions right, and trust in our approach that sees Hanover Search Partners making the first contact with candidates.

  • Our Retained Search Services

    We provide the exclusive commitment of a dedicated research team on retained search projects. Within 3 weeks we will conclude the mapping and approach phases of a search, including assets such as organisational charts and competitor analysis to ensure only the right candidates are sourced.

  • A Leading Name In Our Sector

    As a result of the teamwork and leadership organic to our company, we have been ranked #1 in Retail Financial Services and Insurance and ranked #4 in Asset Management and Global Banking for assignments £100,000 - £200,000 in the Executive Grapevine UK market report.

  • We Do Things Differently

    Increasing our market penetration and developing our networking reach is key to how we work. As such we deploy our resources to independently research and interpret industry trends, as well as sponsoring and organising industry conferences.

  • We Will Surprise You

    Our approach to search and selection sets us apart from the crowd. We rarely advertise, understanding that discretion is key to engaging quality individuals. Our selection process is backed up by an impeccable and quality assured approach to research.