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An industry and profession that can be traced back to Italian merchants in the 14th century now stand at the front line and heart of our corporations.

Strategic partner, trusted advisor, devil's advocate, the role of a CFO and their direct reports are in constant flux. The CFO is a highly coveted role with only the CEO wielding as much influence. Research shows that over 70% of CFOs are finding it challenging to fill vacant roles as a result of the growing skills shortages in their teams.

Fit for purpose finance teams utilise data-driven decision making and CFOs are increasingly looking to add a data skill sets to their teams. Data manipulation, data science and data management are all increasingly becoming key skills to which the successful finance professional must attune.

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Hanover has global access to world-leading talent in the financial officers' practice

Our reach covers Investment, Commercial, Private & Retail Banking, Insurance & Asset Management. We understand that each of these segments is a unique operating environment in its own right and therefore demand professionals with the appropriate skills, experience and tenure.

Our clients engage Hanover on a retained basis to provide a thorough overview of the market landscape.

This includes the talent available and key market intelligence on the new and cresting ideas being deployed in finance functions in order to drive efficiencies.

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We know that people are your biggest asset. At Hanover, we offer a range of services designed to flex to your specific business requirements.

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