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The banking sector has emerged from a period of significant challenge and change.

Whether investment banking, corporate and commercial banking, retail banking and consumer finance, or innovative challenger banking, there is an intense requirement for strategic talent which can anticipate the evolving market and regulatory forces and act decisively.

Traditional banks have found themselves in the centre of the perfect storm, facing reputational, regulatory and commercial challenges. Whether the aim is to restructure and transform, improve the customer experience, improve productivity or build market share, the competition for innovative and action-oriented leaders has never been more fierce. 

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We partner with established and new-entrant financial institutions to recruit mission-critical specialists and to build leadership teams.

We handle assignments across the full functional spectrum. This ranges from recruiting best-in-class corporate governance and control functions, to leading searches to recruit digital, innovation and transformation leaders who can drive the digital agenda and create new opportunities.

Banks are increasing their focus on improving customer experience.

Through online and mobile channels, while also prioritising operational efficiencies, smart use of technology is at their core. Hanover’s diversity of functional expertise positions us to partner strategically with financial institutions of all sizes and in different geographical locations to attract and develop transformational talent.

The banking sector has been under particular scrutiny across all markets since the global financial crisis. Banks are focusing on changing culture and restoring trust, and the required pace of change in what has been a conservative sector of industry has itself been challenging. We have a record of success at identifying and securing leadership talent, both for executive and independent non-executive positions, who can deliver on that change agenda.

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