Importance of a Positive Work Environment – 10,000 Black Interns Initiative Interview

ByIntern at Hanover
Posting date: 09 August 2022

Interview with Sindi Thabethe from the 10,000 Black Interns Initiative

What attracted you to the 10,000 Black interns initiative? 

As a black woman, I have an understanding of how hard it can be for people that look like myself to get into corporate spaces or to even be considered, despite having the relevant experience and qualifications. Hence, it only made sense for me to apply and to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the 10,000 black interns initiative. As, they are conscious of these pertinent issues and as a programme, they are intentional in actively working to change the evident disparities. Through assisting us in infiltrating spaces that have previously been closed to us and, helping us as black students to be provided the opportunity to thrive and to be seen for the value that we have to offer.

Did you learn anything about yourself along the way? 

Throughout the course of my internship at Hanover, I learnt that I enjoy collaboration within a business. I also found that, I like to ask a lot of questions surrounding processes and the various dynamics involved within a business, to gain full understanding – this is a useful skill that I will continue to utilise moving forward.

What surprised you the most about your time at Hanover? 

How thorough the searches are, in finding the right candidate for the specific role that is being hired for. As well as, just how supportive and advisory Hanover members are with the candidates going through different interview stages.

What was your favourite part of your job at Hanover? 

Personally, a highlight of my role as an associate intern was attending the candidate interviews. Due to the fact, I enjoyed hearing the candidates different experiences as professionals which had led them to where they were; and in turn learning how to use this information to pick up on their suitability for the particular role.

What would you like to tell other people considering applying to 10,000 Black interns? 

To absolutely apply for the amazing opportunity to have a paid internship in your chosen sector of interest. 10,000 black interns are very accommodating in making sure that you are prepared for your internship and that you to do well in your respective company. They offer webinars, workshops and they are willing to answer any question to ensure that you feel confident and reassured throughout your entire internship experience. Additionally, it is a great initiative for black students to engage with as, being able to complete a successful internship programme will be very insightful and beneficial for you to add as experience to your CV.

How did working in an office environment compare to your perceptions? 

My preconceived notions and the reality of being in an office environment at Hanover was completely different, in a positive way. Everyone in the office was friendly towards each other and, they were all so warm and welcoming towards me. The environment that is nurtured at Hanover meant that, I felt comfortable to ask anyone in the office for any assistance or advice that I needed, knowing that they were always happy to help.

Do you think your experience at Hanover will influence your future career? 

Yes, I feel as though having experienced a positive work culture at Hanover I will definitely be intentional in the future, about working in environments that feel comfortable and enjoyable to be in.  

What will you be doing next now that your internship is finished? 

Having just graduated from Warwick University, I am off to volunteer at a Secondary school in Thailand for a month to teach children English, which I hope will be both exciting and gratifying. Then I will be back to apply for a full-time graduate role, to officially mark the beginning of my working career life.

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