Case Study: Hanover mandated to find a Chief Data Officer

ByHanover Team
Posting date: 06 December 2022

One of the world’s biggest insurance companies asked Hanover to help find them a Chief Data Officer. ​


The Challenge

Their business is global, complex and diverse.

The brief was to find them the best person for the role by searching on both sides of the Atlantic and coordinate to give them a single qualified shortlist to choose from. Candidates needed to have the right technical background, the right approach to achieve their long-term objectives, and the right cultural fit. There was a time constraint and the salary level had to fit into their structure. The research and candidate selection needed to follow their diversity policy.​


The Solution

Hanover researched the market and presented the results which helped to define the job and person specifications further. It looked as if they may need to be more flexible on compensation and they were able to compare not just compensation, but notice periods, benefits and cultural fit options in US and Europe. The research focused on people doing similar jobs in the competition, including those one level below who could step up into the role, and a broader look at outstanding candidates who may not exactly fit on paper but who could offer other complementary skills.​


The Outcome

A schedule of interviewing and assessment was drawn up to make the process fast and efficient, and importantly this was committed to at the highest levels.​

Candidates that did not make the shortlist were declined with the reasons why they didn’t make it. Those that did make the list were prepared and briefed further.​ After a first meeting with the line manager the list was refined further, and those candidates went on to meet more senior management and prospective peers. References were established and after feedback was collected it was decided who would be offered. A further successful assessment took place and a formal offer was made and accepted.​

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