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This is not a new topic but is now firmly on our clients’ agendas. Hanover is here to support.

Hanover is determined to build best-in-class diverse organisations. We know that companies can reach greater intellectual capital when their leadership and operational teams are populated with professionals from a broad spectrum of cultures and backgrounds. 

Businesses can only benefit from being open-minded to attract new talent and bring fresh thinking with new perspectives from a variety of backgrounds. There’s no doubt the world is changing rapidly as new technologies and working practices are embraced.

How can Hanover’s Talent Specialists help you

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Helping clients achieve their goals

  • Tailoring our approach to address very specific D&I requirements to ensure our long- and shortlists provide a high level of diversity.
  • Organising and chairing seminars on this topic for clients.
  • Consulting on initiatives specific to our customers' markets and contributing to their thought process.
  • Through our Leadership Solutions, building capabilities of existing leaders to embed change in their organisation.

Our Approach

Hanover is committed to working with clients to support them to improve their culture and build an inclusive environment that will attract and retain diverse talent. 

We are consultative in our approach and know from experience that more diverse leadership teams and organisations have greater intellectual capital and higher long-term performance. 

Future-proofing your business in a rapidly changing and increasingly diverse world is imperative to remaining ahead of the competition. 

We have our own internal culture, inclusion and diversity initiatives, events and thought leadership. This underpins both Hanover’s culture and the talent solutions we deliver for clients.

Our Value Add

We leverage our deep expertise, global presence, and our collaborative approach to produce diverse shortlists of the highest calibre.

Hanover shares its experience, is consultative and forward-thinking in approach to talent solutions; we help clients prepare for future challenges and succession planning.

We challenge our clients to remain open-minded and acutely aware of any bias that may exist when reviewing candidate profiles who challenge “group think”. 

We deliver integrated talent solutions through our four pillars (Executive Search, Leadership Solutions, Market Intelligence and Outplacement Solutions) that helps our clients to progress their culture, inclusion and diversity agendas.

We understand the regulators’ objectives on culture and inclusion.

Hanover's Delivery Model  

Hanover supports clients to achieve innovation and resilience through diversity, equity and inclusion. 

We all know it is crucial and drives increased sustainability and profitability. Hanover is committed to working with clients to support them in improving their culture, creating an inclusive environment that will retain diverse talent. 

By meeting key stakeholders we assess our clients’ culture. This enables us to align diverse talent to the organisation’s strategic goals, ultimately creating high-performing, dynamic leadership and teams which are “fit for purpose” in an ever-changing world. 

 Hanover is innovative in its approach. We look at the broader scope of talent solutions, to bring a diversity of thought.

Our Approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Hanover is committed to a policy of EQUAL OPPORTUNITY IN EMPLOYMENT and opposes all forms of unlawful discrimination. 

We want to take “positive action” to ensure that LONG AND SHORT LISTS ARE FULLY INCLUSIVE for all. 

We take every step to ensure EVERYONE IS TREATED EQUALLY AND FAIRLY and that recruitment decisions are based solely on objective and job-related criteria. 

We are STRONG ADVOCATES FOR DE&I - it's part of our DNA and something we challenge our clients on. 

Our survey asks candidates to provide information about gender, ethnic origin, background, etc. We use this information to monitor the effectiveness of our equal opportunity policy, comply with GDPR regarding record keeping and reporting, and support our clients & candidates in DIVERSE TALENT REPRESENTATION.

Maecenas vitae

Maecenas vitae

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Solutions

The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in today’s workplace is unquestionable. Yet, it can be challenging to embed into your organisation. Diverse companies are more likely to outperform their peers by 36% (McKinsey, Diversity Wins 2020). We understand that every company is on its own journey, with unique obstacles and opportunities. If you are striving for more innovation, a stronger brand and reputation, plus higher motivation and engagement, talk to Hanover. 

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DE&I Assets

DE&I at Hanover

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is an important focus not just for our team at Hanover, but also for more and more of our clients. In this quick video, our DEI specialist, Brent Herman, highlights the key DE&I takeaways and actions you can put in place today originating in our "Lessons, Opportunities and Challenges for DE&I in EXCOs" report.  

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