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This is not a new topic but is now firmly on our clients’ agendas. Hanover is here to support.

Hanover is determined to build best-in-class diverse organisations. We know that companies can reach greater intellectual capital when their leadership and operational teams are populated with professionals from a broad spectrum of cultures and backgrounds. 

Businesses can only benefit from being open-minded to attract new talent and bring fresh thinking with new perspectives from a variety of backgrounds. There’s no doubt the world is changing rapidly as new technologies and working practices are embraced.

Our Approach

Hanover is committed to working with clients to support them to improve their culture and build an inclusive environment that will attract and retain diverse talent. 

We are consultative in our approach and know from experience that more diverse leadership teams and organisations have greater intellectual capital and higher long-term performance. 

Future-proofing your business in a rapidly changing and increasingly diverse world is imperative to remaining ahead of the competition. 

We have our own internal culture, inclusion and diversity initiatives, events and thought leadership. This underpins both Hanover’s culture and the talent solutions we deliver for clients.

Our Value Add

We leverage our deep expertise, global presence, and our collaborative approach to produce diverse shortlists of the highest calibre.

Hanover shares its experience, is consultative and forward-thinking in approach to talent solutions; we help clients prepare for future challenges and succession planning.

We challenge our clients to remain open-minded and acutely aware of any bias that may exist when reviewing candidate profiles who challenge “group think”. 

We deliver integrated talent solutions through our four pillars (Executive Search, Leadership Solutions, Market Intelligence and Outplacement Solutions) that helps our clients to progress their culture, inclusion and diversity agendas.

We understand the regulators’ objectives on culture and inclusion.

DE&I is part of our DNA, integral to Hanover’s ethos – not purely part of our consultative and advisory service to clients.

Hanover has created a long-term strategy to enhance and embed “The Hanover Way” to drive a purposeful culture internally to promote a more inclusive and diverse workforce, which our clients will only benefit from. Hanover takes our training and development in this area seriously which will ultimately benefit our clients. All employees have completed certified courses as well as further internal training to raise awareness. Hanover has set goals to achieve a 50/50 gender split by 2022, currently 55% male and 11% minority ethnic in EMEA and in line with our 2021 goal we have already appointed 2 females to the Executive Board.

Maecenas vitae

We are supporters of the 10,000 black interns initiative

Hanover has a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Ambassador to drive all objectives. We are supporters of the 10,000 black interns initiative. It’s a programme that addresses the chronic underrepresentation of black talent in the investment management sector initially. The initiative was founded to help improve the prospects of young black people by giving interns paid work experience.

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We are actively involved with the Diversity Project 

The diversity project is an initiative that aims to deliver a truly diverse and inclusive culture within the investments and saving industry. Inclusiveness across all levels promotes wider perspectives and gives better results and ideas. The project aims to attract more interest in the industry and it covers a range of professions, including fund managers and asset owners.    

If you’d like to understand more about Hanover’s involvement, please contact:

ZOE CAMPBELL, Partner and DE&I Ambassador  

Linda Dale, Partner 

Maecenas vitae

Hanover’s Delivery Model 

Hanover supports clients to achieve innovation and resilience through diversity, equity and inclusion.

We all know it is crucial and drives increased sustainability and profitability. Hanover is committed to working with clients to support them in improving their culture, creating an inclusive environment that will retain diverse talent.

By meeting key stakeholders we assess our clients’ culture. This enables us to align diverse talent to the organisation’s strategic goals, ultimately creating high-performing, dynamic leadership and teams which are “fit for purpose” in an ever-changing world.

Hanover is innovative in its approach. We look at the broader scope of talent solutions, to bring a diversity of thought.

Helping Clients Achieve Their Goals

We partner with our clients, tailoring our approach to ensure we capture diverse talent (in its broadest sense), providing innovative talent solutions. We host a range of events and webinars to expand the discussion with our clients around DE&I.

Hanover is actively consulting with clients on a range of DE&I focused projects from succession planning to identifying cultural roadblocks to increasing retention of talent.

We also consult on initiatives specific to our customers’ markets, contributing to their thought process.

Our Leadership Solutions practice supports clients to develop capabilities of existing leadership and teams to embed change and cultural transformation within organisations.

ESG inclusivity and sustainability are entwined

Any company with poor diversity will suffer in terms of how they raise capital, retain and attract talent. ESG is gaining real traction and is at the top of our clients’ agendas.

Hanover has a strong sense of purpose. We strive to contribute to societal and environmental system changes. We believe short and long term economic and environmental sustainability relies upon overcoming dramatic global challenges. We measure ourselves, not only on the quality of service we provide and the calibre of people we place in key, critical roles, but the longevity and sustainability of these placements and the positive impact they have on the bottom line.

Looking forward, companies who communicate and act on their support of social factors, such as DE&I and ESG will stand out as more attractive operations on many levels. We partner with our clients, mitigating risk, supporting them with their strategic goals. Our global reach, track record and in-depth network enable us to support our clients across the ESG and CSR arena.

Maecenas vitae

Download our recent DE&I Thought Leadership Piece

For an insight into why diversity, equity and inclusion are crucial to business success. In our report, you’ll be able to “learn what behaviours lead to inclusive cultures,” and how diversity can positively impact businesses 

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DE&I at Hanover

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is an important focus not just for our team at Hanover, but also for more and more of our clients.

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