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DE&I is part of our DNA, integral to Hanover’s ethos – not purely part of our consultative and advisory service to clients.

Hanover's DE&I Core Beliefs

We are actively involved with the Diversity Project 

The Diversity Pproject is an initiative that aims to deliver a truly diverse and inclusive culture within the investments and saving industry. Inclusiveness across all levels promotes wider perspectives and gives better results and ideas. The project aims to attract more interest in the industry and it covers a range of professions, including fund managers and asset owners.    

If you’d like to understand more about Hanover’s involvement, please contact:

Brent Herman, Partner 

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Our key diversity workstreams









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Did you know an estimated 900,000 women in the UK have quit their jobs because of the menopause?

Hanover took internal action when this topic was raised regarding how it affected some of our employees and their ability to do their job. As a result, Hanover created a leading Menopause Policy - that offers financial support for medical assistance for women with challenges relating to perimenopause and menopause.  Hanover also offers workshops to educate and inform colleagues to break the taboo.

Hanover prides itself on looking after our employees, which is why we have additionally signed up to the Menopause Workplace Pledge with WELLBEING OF WOMEN

As part of our focus and research on menopause in the workplace, we have also created a practical guide for businesses, which you can download free and read here


Neurodiversity refers to the concept that neurological differences, such as those seen in autism, ADHD, dyslexia and other conditions, are a natural and valuable form of human diversity rather than a disorder or deficiency. Hanover has championed this by educating our staff and encouraging openness of expression to support each other. 

Hanover has also created a guide to diverse recruitment: LINK

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Race and Ethnicity

Hanover has a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Ambassador to drive all objectives. We participate in the 10,000 Black Interns initiative. It’s a programme that addresses the chronic underrepresentation of black talent in the investment management sector initially. The initiative was founded to help improve the prospects of young black people by giving interns paid work experience.

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Transferrable skills, multiple employees

Veterans add incredible value and experience to companies. They're able to bring a range of transferable skills that were developed throughout their careers and training and apply them to the workplace. At Hanover, we are lucky to experience the tremendous talent that our Veteran hires bring to our organization. 

Meet our Veterans at Hanover: 

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Part of our plan to create a more robust and diverse workplace is to recruit people from various talent pools, including one that is often overlooked - returners. From caregiver duties to unexpected life events, there are various reasons employees need to take career breaks.

We believe that people are more than just a resume gap. Skills they’ve developed and new perspectives they’ve gained during their time outside the workplace help make our Hanover team stronger.

Returning to work after an extended leave

Working Families

Flexibility on working hours, hybrid schedule

We know that working parents are often empathetic and have superior time management skills, all invaluable capabilities needed in the talent attraction and people business.

At Hanover, we created family-oriented initiatives to help support our working parents, including flexible working hours and a hybrid schedule. 

“As a parent of two young children, it was essential for me to find a company that recognized and supported working parents. Being able to work remotely gives me the flexibility to complete my work while also accommodating a busy schedule.” 
- Caitlin Ritch, US Marketing Manager at Hanover

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Our DE&I Committee


To drive a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture within Hanover and to be custodians of DEI across the business. 



We’re committed to promoting a long-term diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture in everything we do at Hanover, ensuring everyone is treated equally and safe to be their authentic selves. People are at the heart of our business, and by placing DEI alongside our company goals and initiatives, we’re able to drive change and advocate for all members of our team. We know there is always work to be done and our aim is to foster an environment that is ever-changing, evolving, and improving.  


  • Mental Health
  • LGBTQ+
  • Gender Equality
  • Social Mobility 


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Lessons, Opportunities and Challenges for DE&I in EXCOs

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