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The global FinTech ecosystem has matured rapidly in recent years.

2020 and beyond promises to be another promising few years for this industry.  At Hanover, we're keeping a close eye on new developments within FinTech so that we can provide the best possible service and insights to both our clients and candidates.

As technology continues to permeate every touchpoint within this vast landscape, we can expect to see ongoing challenges and opportunities for those who work with and in FinTech, InsurTech, and payments.

We know the pace of change is fierce, as is the competition.  We are going through an irreversible change; the traditional banks are under attack and must adapt to this digital revolution.  Are you prepared?

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People need banking, but do they need banks?

The global financial services sector is undergoing a technological revolution.

As a result, the FinTech industry faces a host of technological, legal and regulatory challenges and unexpected events. The high demand for talent means a shortage of high-quality candidates and competition to engage them.

Disruption is ongoing within FinTech, with data analytics, blockchain, AI, robotics and connected devices all having their part to play. At Hanover, we stay abreast of these industry updates and provide clients with high levels of operational capability, domain expertise, credibility and delivery speed. As 40% of the FinTech search team has held leadership positions in FinTech firms before becoming recruiters, we know this market intimately and can complete assignments within 4-6 weeks.

InsurTech is a multi-billion-dollar industry, providing deep, accelerating and long-term changes to the global insurance industry.

Streamlining the workflow of insurance firms and enhancing the customer experience, InsurTech utilises a range of platforms, tools and techniques to disrupt the industry. These include data analytics, blockchain, AI, robotics, connected devices and customised solutions.

Hanover has an elite team of consultants who have a 20-year history with the global insurance industry. Coupled with our experts in technology, we offer a unique balance of industry expertise and candidate engagement.

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