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Investment Management is quickly evolving thanks to the rise of passives, margin pressure, new technologies and regulation.

M&A activity has never been higher across asset management, wealth management and periphery markets as businesses scale up, diversify, and add product and distribution. Technology offers new ways of analysing data and driving efficiencies, whilst investor attitudes are changing as millennials and generation Z increasingly influence corporate strategy.

Wealth management investment processes have become more centralised as more decision making is taken by growing CIO and research teams, allowing front line investment managers to focus on client development and management.

How can Hanover’s Talent Specialists help you


Hanover’s Investment Management team have specialist and dedicated experts working within Asset Management, Wealth Management and Insurance.

We understand the complexities and nuances of each market and have many years’ experience in sourcing exceptional talent working with leading organisations large and small. Our experience spans from Chief Investment Officers and Heads of Asset Class through to Fund Managers and Analysts. Thanks to strong networks in our core markets we can offer clients access to the best candidates from each sector which can offer the opportunity to enhance process and expertise with each hire.

Our team has many years’ experience in multi-asset portfolio management as well as a deep knowledge of private client investment managers.

We know these markets are rapidly changing and our team of experts have a demonstrable track record at all levels and investment styles. We have experience sourcing quantitative specialists, expertise in ESG and thematic investing styles as well as broad asset class coverage and expertise.

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We know that people are your biggest asset. At Hanover, we offer a range of services designed to flex to your specific business requirements.

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