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Coaching your leaders helps them build high-performing teams, boosting productivity and efficiency, and having a real impact on your bottom line.

How can coaching contribute to high-performance leadership in your organisation?

Coaching provides a platform for leaders, however experienced, to increase their self-awareness and strengthen their leadership and impact.  It also helps to engage and retain high-performing leaders. 

Many of the world’s best leaders work with coaches to refine their approach and maximise their performance. Leadership coaching is about building on existing strengths and identifying and closing relevant development gaps.  

Coaching also enables leaders to carve out dedicated time to explore options, have their assumptions and limiting beliefs challenged, and find new ways to increase their performance and that of their teams and businesses.

Hanover’s leadership coaching services

Working with one of Hanover’s experienced coaches over several weeks or months, you and your leaders will be better equipped to:

  • Reflect on and learn from past experiences
  • Analyse current challenges
  • Identify different options to move forward
  • Deliver on your commitments through accountability and a clear plan
  • Broaden your ideas and perspectives
  • Kick-start positive behaviour change

Hanover’s coaching is robust, insightful, supportive and business-focused.  We work with leaders to agree clear, tangible outcomes that will benefit you and your organisation. 

The Hanover team can also help you to establish and embed a coaching culture in your organisation. This sets the conditions for high performance at all levels through a growth mindset and greater use of the coaching leadership style to encourage development and deliver long-term results.

Types of leadership coaching

There are many types of coaching, depending on a leader’s career stage and objectives.  Common coaching topics include:

  • Increasing self-confidence and belief

  • Strengthening self-awareness

  • Improving communications and personal impact

  • Navigating career transitions 

  • Enhancing team leadership skills and behaviours

  • Broadening leadership styles

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome

  • Becoming a more inclusive leader

  • Challenging biases, preconceptions and assumptions

Maecenas vitae
Maecenas vitae

Leadership Development in Practice

Hanover’s leadership coaching process follows six key steps:

1. Clarifying your objectives – defining what you want to get out of a coaching relationship and understanding your role and context.

2. Selecting a coach – a ‘chemistry’ meeting with one or more leadership coaches enables you to determine the level of fit and identify which coach you want to partner with.

3. Increasing self-awareness – a personality profile and/or 360 degree feedback can be valuable to provide insights into your behaviour and impact.

4. Initial coaching session – arranged to suit your diary, this enables you to agree and explore initial topics and establish trust.

5. Subsequent coaching sessions – regular meetings, either virtually or in person, will result in tangible benefits from a personal and professional perspective. 

6. Review and feedback – Hanover will regularly ask you for your feedback on your leadership coach to understand how the relationship is working and whether any adjustments need to be made.

Our Leadership Development Process

To get started, leaders normally commit to a minimum of six coaching sessions. These typically last 90 minutes and take place every four to six weeks, although the duration and frequency is up to the coach and leader to agree. 

Confidentiality is critical for the coaching process. Topics discussed during coaching and the details that accompany them remain between the coach and participant – this is our professional commitment. 

Hanover’s coaches have worked with leaders at all levels, from non-executives on boards to managers taking on their first leadership role. Leaders who benefit from coaching typically fall into one of four levels:

  • Non-Executive/Executive
  • Senior Leaders
  • Middle Managers
  • Emerging Leaders

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