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Lumina Award Winners Case Study

Read more about our work with the Dudley Building Society to develop a high-performance culture.

How leadership development can strengthen your organisation

Leadership development can help you build high-performing teams, grow and nurture key talent, boost efficiency, make a positive impact on your bottom line and gain a competitive advantage. 

Leaders have different styles, approaches and personalities, and emerge at any level. You don’t need to be managing someone to be a leader. Recognising those in your organisation who are leaders, or who have the potential to be leaders, and nurturing them can help set your organisation up for future success and give you a crucial competitive advantage.

Why invest in leadership and talent solutions

If done right, leadership development offers myriad benefits for both individuals and your organisation as a whole. 

For instance, research shows that organisations that invest in leadership development:

  • Report up to 5x higher returns
  • See a positive effect on recruitment and retention, as well as employee value proposition
  • Shape leaders for the future - aiding succession planning
  • Find they save money developing internal talent rather than buying talent in
  • Drive execution through leaders who are aligned in passion and capability to the strategy
  • Increase success in navigating change –– leaders who can adapt, successfully navigate and lead others through change are critical to organisational success
  • Create a more developmental culture in the organisation and improve engagement

                                    Maecenas vitae

However, for years organisations and leaders have grappled with a dichotomy: 

Leadership development is high on their priority list, but some feel these programmes don’t result in long-term behaviour change and significant ROI.

Why? - This can be boiled down to three main reasons:

  • Not enough buy-in from participants and their managers
  • The learning isn’t right – whether it’s the content, delivery method, facilitators
  • Applying learnings in the real world is too hard – not enough time, the day-to-day takes over, learnings are forgotten

High Performance Organisation



the problem, the outcome, the success measures and the KPIs. We also deep dive into the organisation – its strategic objectives, key priorities, external market and culture.



working with our clients, we design a bespoke leadership development programme to meet their specific needs.



we deliver the agreed programme – face-to-face, virtually or blended using a variety of approaches to reflect differing learning styles.



we evaluate the impact of the programme from participant reaction through to ROI and organisational impact.

Hanover’s leadership development solution

Hanover’s leadership development solution

Using our 4D Programme Design model, Hanover creates bespoke leadership development programmes that directly tackle the most common reasons leaders feel these programmes fail. We don’t just focus on what needs to change, but how to change behaviour, with all our modules underpinned by the latest research, theories and best practice.

Hanover’s approach to leadership development

Hanover creates bespoke leadership development solutions for our clients, and we work with leaders across all levels, from technical leaders to broad people leaders and general managers.

We always build our development programmes and the content within them based on a leadership behavioural framework. This ensures there is a focus on the development of critical behaviours for success at any given level, and it allows us to benchmark your leaders’ behaviours against what good looks like in your organisation.

We can work with your existing framework should you have one, or we can create one with you, helping you to define what good looks like now and for the future.

Key features of our leadership development solutions

Diversity, equity and inclusion combined with the latest evidence-based research underpins all our programmes. In addition, we:

  • Help you define what good leadership looks like in your organisation – now and in the future
  • Help you differentiate between performance and potential
  • Utilise next-gen psychometrics and technology to embed learning further
  • Provide composite reports recommending where best to focus your development budget
  • Put robust evaluation measures in place to understand impact on participants and organisations
  • All our consultants are trained psychologists, who help to facilitate great conversations and learning

Case Study - Benchmarking & Developing Senior Leaders 

Situation & Approach

With a context of change in the market and their organisation, the Head of EMEA Distribution for Invesco asked Hanover to undertake a critical talent project for them.

Working closely with the Head of UK Distribution, we spoke to key stakeholders to understand leadership demands at ‘Head of’ level in the business.

Using these insights and our external perspective, we defined seven key leadership behaviours with four levels of sophistication for each. These formed the measures against which to benchmark 10 nominated leaders.

Participants completed the Lumina Spark psychometric and a three-hour behavioural interview with a qualified psychologist. They subsequently received an in-depth report which was explored in a feedback session. Each participant left with clear insights into their strengths and development priorities, and what they needed to do to leverage their potential.


Several participants were subsequently coached to support their long-term development.

All of the data and insights were pulled together into a composite report and we talked to the Heads of EMEA and UK Distribution plus their COO through each participant in a review meeting.

This gave them valuable information to inform their talent management decisions and how and where they should invest in development.

Feedback from senior stakeholders and the participants was unanimously positive. 

The Head of EMEA subsequently engaged Hanover to run the same process in another of the Europe sub-regions.    

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