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Organisations constantly evolve.    

COVID-19 has accelerated this change. This could be in the shape of restructure or redirection but when coupled with an economic downturn, there are inevitable redundancies. A supportive and effective outplacement service, protects your employer brand whilst helping employees transition to their next role and allowing business to thrive.

We’re different

Hanover Outplacement Solutions provides a complete outplacement service to support employees. Qualified industry experts, we offer practical and proactive career transition support to your staff, whether they are on the Executive Board or on the front desk. Taking the pressure off and empowering your employees, gives them security to re-enter today’s job market armed with the best possible tools. By taking control of their career, they are able to transition quickly into a new role that’s right for them. Call +44 (0)20 7100 6656 or email the Hanover Outplacement team for a confidential discussion about our outplacement programmes and how they can support you and your employees.

Outplacement services tailored to your business and your people

The outplacement process can be a complex one. Hanover Outplacement has created bespoke packages to assist with every step of the job search, offering an end-to-end solution. This includes professional CV and LinkedIn profile writing plus career coaching and confidence-boosting interview techniques. Delivered virtually, the programmes are supported by our Career Refinery Portal & App.

Three complete support programmes

Executive Outplacement Programme - Explore

Professional Outplacement Programme - Explore

Essentials Outplacement Programme - Explore

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Group Workshops & Masterclasses

Group outplacement workshops provide an interactive environment and a cost-efficient platform to acquire new skills and put them into practice in different situations and scenarios. Group workshops delivered virtually or in-person at your premises cover a wide range of career transition tools tailored to your team and typically including How to navigate today’s job market, CV and LinkedIn profile writing, and interview skills. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Hanover Outplacement is holding sessions online with breakout rooms for focused, smaller group work.


Career Refinery Portal & App

The Career Refinery is an interactive combination of resources to prepare employees for the next stage of their career. It brings together a host of job search tools, such as e-learning, personal branding, live jobs, and transition support. With any job search, it is invaluable to have insider knowledge on the latest techniques. The Career Refinery is the perfect way to build knowledge and self-awareness, promote self-development and protect mental health. Most importantly, it provides increased chances for any employee to find and secure their next role quickly and effectively. 


Wellbeing & Mental Health Support

Redundancy is one of the most stressful things that can happen, impacting many aspects of a person’s life. Shock and anxiety, coupled with lack of confidence and worry about finances, can compound in an overwhelming feeling of pressure.

Hanover’s Career Refinery Portal & App features essential practical and emotional support to help people overcome the stress, financial worries and personal challenges that redundancy can cause. Resources include mental health masterclasses and dozens of wellbeing related e-learning modules and articles.

Our Wellbeing & Mental Health Support Helpline provides a safe space away from work where employees can talk openly and confidentially about their concerns. Wellbeing coaches offer short term 30-minute wellbeing sessions and can advise if referrals are necessary.


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