Professional Outplacement Programme

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A complete support programme

This programme provides a robust investment into all members of your team, including at management level, and will equip them with the skills, one-to-one support and personal marketing materials essential to their career transition.

This comprehensive programme includes

Professional Writing Services

Career Coaching Services

Interview Training

Career Refinery & Masterclasses

Mental Health Line and Support

Professional Writing 

Constructing your own CV can be the hardest part of an application process. So having the industry insight of the Hanover outplacement writing team is an invaluable addition to any professionally structured CV. 

Experts at conveying each client’s USP and distinctive skills, our team draw on their experience to articulate the employee’s value to their prospective employer. Our writers are also specialist interviewers, which means they can select your employee’s unique attributes to fit the target role.

Our team combine market knowledge with extensive understanding of recruitment techniques to enact a strategic and nuanced approach that helps build up a personal and compelling story of the client. Our 360º process includes an in-depth consultation with an expert who values and cares for each client and has years of experience writing CVs. 

We know how valuable marketing is, which is why we create impactful, keyword-optimised personal promotional documents including CVs, LinkedIn profiles, letters and bios that produce results.

Career Transition Coaching

Personalised and professional career transition coaching and interview training are just two ways that your company can provide support, inspire positivity and encourage change during times of redundancy, company restructure and career transition.

Our professional coaches can adjust and refocus each tailor-made transition plan as requirements change. Packages comprise of continuous career support, interview strategies, advice on modifying CVs and application guidance. 

Career Coaching

Continuous support from a professional career transition coach can provide invaluable focus and clarity during uncertain times.

Our career transition coaches are individually matched to each employee, enabling optimal results. Pairing client and coach based on professional compatibility allows for quick and efficient career progress.

Interview Training

The job market is competitive. It takes, on average, 27 applications to secure just one interview and so every opportunity counts. Our Professional Coaching Programme includes one-to-one interview coaching to equip your employees with the skills and techniques to succeed in interviews.

Interview Training involves a collaborative approach with each employee to construct, practise and deliver deliberate, well-thought-out answers to a huge variety of interview questions. We aim to work collectively to overcome interview anxiety, improve articulation, increase personal credibility, gravitas, impact and negotiation techniques.

We know that no two employees are the same. We create a specific development strategy for each individual.

Career Refinery Portal & App

The Career Refinery is an interactive combination of resources to prepare employees for the next stage of their career. It brings together a host of job search tools, such as e-learning, personal branding, live jobs, and transition support. 

With any job search, it is invaluable to have insider knowledge on the latest techniques. The Career Refinery is the perfect way to build knowledge and self-awareness, promote self-development and protect mental health. Most importantly, it provides increased chances for any employee to find and secure their next role quickly.

Weekly Masterclass Programme

Included within the Career Refinery resources is full access to a series of informative and practical webinars created and hosted by Hanover board member Victoria McLean and her expert team. Constantly updated with the latest inspiring content, your employees can learn new methods and research their next role in the most effective way possible.

Session topics include:

  • Understand your strengths and motivations
  • Create the perfect CV
  • Write the perfect cover letter 
  • Harness the power of LinkedIn 
  • Interview wins and techniques
  • Stay positive in difficult times
  • Tips from industry experts, plus much more

Maecenas vitae
Maecenas vitae

Wellbeing & Mental Health Support 

Redundancy is one of the most stressful things that can happen, impacting many aspects of a person’s life. Shock and anxiety, coupled with lack of confidence and worry about finances, can compound in an overwhelming feeling of pressure.

Hanover’s Career Refinery Portal & App features essential practical and emotional support to help people face the stress, financial worries and personal issues that redundancy can cause. Resources include mental health masterclasses and dozens of wellbeing related e-learning modules and articles.

There is also a Wellbeing & Mental Health Support Helpline. This provides a safe space away from work where employees can talk openly and confidentially about their concerns. Wellbeing coaches offer short term 30-minute wellbeing sessions and can advise if referrals are necessary.

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