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Our talent solutions... 

...blend a range of products and services underpinned by expertise, insight and a passion for increasing the performance of people, teams and organisations.

Today's businesses face shifting market dynamics and changing expectations from customers and employees. In order to excel, organisations must have the right business strategy, leadership & organisational culture in perfect alignment. Positive change is achieved when organisations recognise those who have the potential to be leaders, drive inclusive cultures and continuously nurture and develop talent.

Best-in-class talent management solution

Whilst many leadership and talent challenges are common across organisations and sectors; every business is different.  Our leadership and talent management solutions are designed around you and your business objectives. 

Find out more about how Hanover’s talent solutions can help to accelerate performance in your organisation. See below for our full range of services on offer.

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Career Transition & Outplacement

We understand how complex the outplacement process can be. Our bespoke packages offer an end-to-end solution to assist with every aspect of your employees’ job search. We supply professional CV and LinkedIn profile writing as well as confidence-boosting interview and career coaching.  All programmes are delivered online/virtually and are supported by our industry leading Career Refinery Portal & App.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in today’s workplace is unquestionable. Yet, it can be challenging to embed into your organisation. Diverse companies are more likely to outperform their peers by 36% (McKinsey, Diversity Wins 2020). We understand that every company is on its own journey, with unique obstacles and opportunities. If you are striving for more innovation, a stronger brand and reputation, plus higher motivation and engagement, talk to Hanover. 


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Leadership Assessment 

How do you ensure you select the best leaders for critical roles in your business? Whether it is hiring an external candidate or promoting from within, you cannot afford to make a costly mistake. 

Our in-depth and impartial assessment process defines the success factors for individual roles and measures candidates against them. The resulting insights go far beyond those generated by standard selection processes. They will help you identify strengths and gaps in detail. Insights will also help you quantify and manage appointment risks. 

We actively support your decision-making process, working in concert with Hanover’s Executive Search team, whilst always remaining impartial and focused on your best interests.


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Leadership Coaching

Do you want to enhance your effectiveness, carve out dedicated time to explore options, and have your assumptions and limiting beliefs challenged?  Coaching helps develop an individual's skills, self-awareness and career. Not only does it provide an external perspective, but it also encourages accountability, engagement and improves performance.  Find out more about how Hanover can support you and your teams. 


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Leadership Development

What if you could accurately define a leadership DNA and use it to select, develop, performance manage and deploy high-calibre leaders across your organisation? 

We can help you define exactly this for your organisation based on current and emerging business challenges and strategies. By working with your leadership team and high-performing leaders at different levels, we can uncover the values, behaviours and approaches used to enable successful outcomes. 


Succession Planning

Minimising risk in your organisations – how robust is your succession plan? 

As part of your workforce planning and business continuity strategy, you should have a succession planning strategy. This will ensure a focused and consistent approach to identifying and developing your high potential, rising stars, and future leaders early on. A succession plan will help you address future talent risks. To succeed continuously, you need a long-term proactive approach to talent, one that considers people now, and also skill and capability requirements of the future. 


Team & Board Effectiveness

The greater your team's effectiveness, the better the capability to accomplish goals and objectives over time. Brilliant leaders must create working environments (hybrid, remote or in-office), good teams and cultures that nurture and balance employee performance with wellbeing. Hanover's team effectiveness workshops build trust, define the purpose and increase team performance.



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