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The insurance industry is facing unprecedented change.

This is no more apparent than in business transformation through digitalisation, dis-intermediation, commoditisation and sweeping automation across all functions. Identifying and attracting individuals with a strong appreciation of these driving forces can so easily become victim to these very same forces – that talent acquisition can itself become too automated and functionalised and therefore prone to being lacklustre in scope and results. Talent acquisition is, after all, the first line of defence for a robust and successful business and so it's essential that it is implemented creatively to distinguish your organisation from your competitors and to reinforce your corporate values and culture.

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A global and collaborative team of subject matter experts.

With insurance practice hubs in Europe and the US, Hanover provides a global and collaborative team of subject matter experts who pool resources for sourcing cutting-edge and often unique skill-sets. Our global team of insurance consultants continuously invest much of their time in keeping abreast of the technological and regulatory challenges that face the insurance industry. This is no more evident in the importance we attach in networking with the insurance leaders of tomorrow whatever their area of expertise and function.

Such talent does not necessarily reside in the traditional insurance industry.

If it does it increasingly manifests itself in a technological or analytics driven guise. We actively engage with these ‘partnering’ or ‘funded’ disruptors both within and without the industry. Our consultants, the majority of which have worked in the industry, live and breathe this ecosystem and by doing so are best positioned to advise the most creative solutions to our clients' recruitment needs.

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We know that people are your biggest asset. At Hanover, we offer a range of services designed to flex to your specific business requirements.

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