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The investment management industry has been profoundly changing over the last five years

This is thanks to the continued trend of regulations and compliance emphasis as well as the rapidly developing new technologies such as AI and FinTech.

M&A activity is high, as is the level of focus on new client acquisition. For businesses that hire the right people with the right vision, the rewards can be vast. Newcomers threaten the established as technology enables the mold to be broken and new frontiers to be breached. 

So far, these new technologies have shown some impact, but in the future, they will continue to create convergence as well as reduce the task load of individuals, which will, in turn, result in smaller, more robust teams with greater emphasis on asset management strategy rather than less menial tasks which can be automated. Increased focus on diversity and inclusion has also been a critical agenda across the industry and has started to create a greater corporate awareness of gender balances and other diversity issues amongst teams.

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With over two decades of experience, our recruiting team brings in-depth sector knowledge of Asset Management and a breadth of sectors

We operate a team-oriented approach with defined methodology, utilizing our in-house industry experts by selecting the most appropriate team when assisting our clients to proactively deliver the right solution, whether this is executive search, leadership solutions or market mapping and intelligence reports.

Partner with top asset management headhunters in the US

In doing so, we help to develop them and drive their businesses forward. Our top asset management headhunters deliver diverse and ‘best in practice’ expertise and talent to their businesses across all areas and in particular for senior executive level functional leadership roles.

Hanover advises our clients’ senior leadership teams and boards within asset managers, private banks, family offices and insurance companies and focuses on hiring across all areas at a senior level.


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We know that people are your biggest asset. At Hanover, we offer a range of services designed to flex to your specific business requirements.

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