5 reasons outplacement support is vital in redundancies

Victoria McLean our consultant managing the role
Posting date: 25 October 2022

In times of extreme uncertainty or economic volatility, redundancies within organisations are more common - forward-thinking businesses are able to make an immediate and sustained difference to exiting employees with outplacement support. In fact, this support is becoming increasingly vital as the pressure to secure a job swiftly as the cost of living is steeply rising.


Remember, people aren’t just losing their income. For some, redundancy affects their whole identity, status and sense of self-worth; some even describe it as feeling like a kind of bereavement. And pretty much everyone who experiences redundancy reports feelings of stress, anxiety or other mental health issues.


But first, let’s look at what outplacement services actually are.

What are outplacement services?

Outplacement services or outplacement support is a service provided to employees leaving a business due to redundancy, restructure, change or by mutual agreement.


Typically, outplacement services include practical career transition support, providing the tools employees need to take a new step in their career. This could be anything from CV writing, social media profile, e-learning, mental health support and workshops and building a personal brand.


Why are outplacement services important?

Demands are high on HR teams in many organisations to deliver redundancies in a calm and controlled manner, to manage the process and meet expectations. This is why it makes sense to have experienced partners on hand to alleviate the pressure and offer practical support in tangible ways. 


Not only is it the right thing to do on a personal/human level, it also protects your brand and your reputation. Importantly, it fosters goodwill among those who remain. It’s essential they feel reassured about your commitment to employees’ health and wellbeing.


This is how your employees benefit:

1. Timely intervention 

Having access to expert and results-driven help at the right time speeds up the process of searching for and successfully procuring a new role.

2. Boost in confidence 

Reminding themselves what makes them stand out, and why they are the best person for the role. Working with an expert that draws out their skills and can guide them through the job search process


3. Facilitating a change in direction 

Outplacement support opens opportunities for employees to pursue interests, commercialise hobbies and make it easier for them to follow a different path.

4. Unbiased coach in their corner

Partnered with an industry expert that’s sole purpose is to help the individual land the best next role. With no motive, or pre-misconceptions, offering honest and direct support to help achieve their career goals


5. Leaving happier

The service is company sponsored so of no cost to the individual, which is a significant benefit at a time when loss of income is on their minds. Knowing their company has provided this support, tells them that they matter and the business cares.  Individuals leave with a more positive experience.

An outplacement provider will help you to give your employees the support they need

Partnering with an experienced and empathetic outplacement team brings immediate results. Most importantly, it makes things easier for your employees to find their next role - from giving advice on effective job searching strategies, identifying their transferable skills and revamping CVs to tailored training and interview coaching.


Professional, tailored support from back office to board level

At Hanover, we offer outplacement services that flex to your needs. We take the time to understand the individuals impacted to offer tailored programmes to suit your employees, including different ways of accessing services - group sessions, workshops and video calls.


Our team of expert writers and coaches equip your employees with an impactful set of personal branding documents that capture and accentuate their strengths, skills and achievements in a way that appeals to modern recruiters.


We know at the end of each individual redundancy is a person concerned about their future. Our team takes the sting out of the situation, by taking the responsibility of writing a CV, LinkedIn profile and Cover letter away from them.  So individuals can concentrate on executing their job search plan and securing the right next role! Coaches will be with them throughout the interview process until they say yes.


If your organisation is anticipating redundancies, find out more about the outplacement support we offer. You can also call us on +44 (0)20 7100 6656 or get in touch for a confidential discussion about what we can do to support you.

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