Case Study: Recruiting a Director of Automation for a leading International FS Group

ByHanover Team
Posting date: 01 December 2022

A leading international financial services group and global investor. Hanover was mandated to recruit a "Director of Automation" for the business driving the change function to support and enable digital, scalable, automated transformation across several business functions.  

The Challenge

Difficult because many competitive organisations are at wildly varying stages of maturity in their journey to Automation. Plus, the automation tools currently employed by this client have been updated with new competitors in recent years. Therefore, this leader's capability, vision and budgetary skills were essential.    

The Solution

Hanover took a project-managed and methodical approach to identify relevant Heads of Automation and their deputies in organisations where the individual would have worked at scale. The mapping exercise took 4-6 weeks of extensive research. Significantly Hanover did not limit the search to Insurance industries as a view may have been that the sector has fallen behind in innovative software deployment. However, this meant that the consultant and researcher working together had many potential candidates to assess.

The Outcome

Due to this creative approach, a shortlist was agreed upon that delivered a variety of skills, personalities and cultural add. As a result, the final candidate identified not only had the scale, ambition, and capability that Hanover's client required but also the successful recruit was within the projected budget of the role.     

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