Essentials Outplacement Programme

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A complete support programme

An impactful and cost-effective programme to help career transition at all levels. It combines advanced tools and personalised support, including weekly masterclasses, in our Career Refinery Portal & App in addition to our CV Refinery service. 

This comprehensive programme includes

Career Refinery Portal & App

Masterclasses to Support Career Transition

CV Refinery

Mental Health Line and Support

Career Refinery Portal & App

The Career Refinery is an interactive combination of resources that prepare employees for the next stage of their career. It brings together a host of job search tools, such as e-learning, personal branding, live jobs, and transition support. 

With any job search, it is invaluable to have insider knowledge on the latest techniques. The Career Refinery is the perfect way to build knowledge and self-awareness, promote self-development and protect mental health. Most importantly, it provides increased chances for any employee to find and secure their next role quickly.

Weekly Masterclass Programme

Included within the Career Refinery resources is full access to a series of informative and practical masterclasses created and hosted by Hanover board member Victoria McLean and her expert team. Constantly updated with the latest inspiring content, your employees can learn new methods and research their next role in the most effective way possible.

Session topics include: 

  • Find your fulfilling career
  • Create a standout CV 
  • Harness the power of LinkedIn 
  • Manage your mental health 
  • Virtual interview techniques
  • Tips from industry experts
  • And much, much more

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CV Refinery 

In times of stress, it can be hard for employees to focus on the next step in their career, particularly in relaying their best attributes to prospective employers. Our mission is to remove all obstacles to landing the perfect role as your employee begins their journey to the next stage of their career.

We refine each employee’s CV to articulate the wide scope of skills they have to offer, ensuring that each CV matches their target role expectations. Our three-step process results in persuasive, application-ready CVs. 


Watch our instructive CV Refinery training video, full to the brim with advice and guidance on how to create a unique CV.

Career Refinery CV building tools

Our CV building tools help improve existing CVs by highlighting strengths and achievements and finding the best keywords to beat Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Expertly crafted CV

Our team will individually perfect each CV to create a polished, keyword-rich and effective CV, perfectly in line with their target job.

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Wellbeing & Mental Health Support 

Redundancy is one of the most stressful things that can happen, impacting many aspects of a person’s life. Shock and anxiety, coupled with lack of confidence and worry about finances, can compound in an overwhelming feeling of pressure.

Hanover’s Career Refinery Portal & App features essential practical and emotional support to help people face the stress, financial worries and personal issues that redundancy can cause. Resources include mental health masterclasses and dozens of wellbeing related e-learning modules and articles.

There is also a Wellbeing & Mental Health Support Helpline. This provides a safe space away from work where employees can talk openly and confidentially about their concerns. Wellbeing coaches offer short term 30-minute wellbeing sessions and can advise if referrals are necessary.

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