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Global Markets

Global Markets in banking are highly interconnected and advancements in technology have made it easier for people worldwide to engage in these activities. Capital and information flow freely across borders – this significant increase has meant banks, corporations, and investors take advantage of opportunities and manage risk on a global scale. 


Through the continued trend of regulation and compliance as well as continued automation and sophistication around execution and trading, technology continues to form the thirst for automation across Global Markets. This will continue to drive sophistication in trading, reporting, risk management and regulation across all asset classes and for many organisations these form the four pillars of investment. 


The Global Markets industry continues to go through a challenging period. Geopolitical conflicts. Sluggish markets, failing banks, rising inflation and central bank hikes, to name but a few. Market returns and volumes remain under pressure in certain asset classes, and we will undoubtedly see greater investment in technology and quantitative solutions to drive change.  

How can Hanover’s Talent Specialists help you


Global Markets Executive Search Specialist team

At Hanover, we have a dedicated recruiting team of individuals who work with clients across the Global Markets space, working with both large and small organisations from tier-one global banks to smaller boutiques. Covering foreign exchange, fixed-income markets, equity markets, commodities and derivatives. Our executive search Global Markets team works closely with our hedge fund team as there are multiple crossovers in terms of talent and transferability of skills.

We work with clients across the front office including Trading, Sales Trading, Sales and Prime Services, across these disciplines are our Electronic Execution and Quant teams working across multi-assets. We have a control function team covering Governance, Risk, Technology, Compliance and Trade Surveillance.  

International recruiting networks offer the greatest choice

Thanks to strong networks in our core markets and our international office network, we can offer clients access to the best candidates from each sector.

Our executive search team have many years’ experience in global markets across many front office disciplines as well as a deep knowledge of the markets. We know these markets are constantly evolving and our team of experts have a demonstrable track record at all levels and asset class. 

We cover all products across:

  • Equities
  • Fixed income including interest rate and credit derivatives
  • Rates
  • Credit
  • FX
  • Equity Derivatives, Swaps, Delta One, Single Stocks
  • Quantitative across execution, strategy and research – multi assets

Our service offering

We know that people are your biggest asset. At Hanover, we offer a range of services designed to flex to your specific business requirements.

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