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Recent and ongoing regulatory, commercial and corporate governance developments have increased the complexity of doing business for many of Hanover’s clients.

The role of the legal leader – whether in-house or in private practice - has undergone significant transformation in recent years: legal leaders are now regarded as key members of the strategic senior management team.

Businesses expect their counsel to provide advice which goes beyond legal technicalities. They are expected to provide guidance decisively and swiftly, with an emphasis on how a solution can be found to a commercial problem. Law firm partners are expected to do the same.

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Our clients look to us to recruit sophisticated and seasoned legal professionals.

These professionals are adept at managing a variety of challenging stakeholder relationships, while also acting as trusted advisors to the CEO, senior management team and board. We recruit partners and teams for law firms, and in industry we recruit General Counsel; Chief Legal Officers; Heads of Legal and Legal Directors; and a variety of specialist in-house counsel.

We assist with the assessment and development of those stepping into a new legal leadership role, and we are increasingly involved in succession planning and market mapping across different geographies.

We keep close to those in the legal leadership function, and we keep abreast of what is driving the changes which impact them.

From shareholder demands, to increased complexity in the regulatory environment, to greater fear factor from the Board and C-suite, we understand the external market factors and issues specific to their industry sector. Legal leaders are expected to protect an organisation’s brand and market presence, while at the same time enhancing its value.

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We know that people are your biggest asset. At Hanover, we offer a range of services designed to flex to your specific business requirements.

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