Our Clients

With 23 years experience in global executive search and selection, we have built lasting partnerships across the Financial Services markets.

We have demonstrable commitment to our clients’ success by delivering to them the outstanding talent they need to continue to lead the sectors they work in. Our ability to source the right candidates for our clients derives from a totally defined structure to search and selection.

We have developed a proven search approach that we believe is unique to the Hanover Search Group. By first engaging with our clients, we gain an insight into their needs. We then initiate our search project, with dedicated research teams working to map markets and identify suitable individuals. All candidates are screened prior to shortlisting, with a select group then taken up for client interviews, and a final placement is made.                                                                  

Why Hanover?

  • Proven Search Specialists

    We have 23 years’ experience in global Financial Services search and selection. We bolster our networking reach by organising industry conferences, and consistently deploy our resources to delve deeper into industry analysis and research.

  • Experts At Your Disposal

    Our teams are highly trained market specialists with excellent knowledge of the sectors we work in. Our clients rely on us to get the big decisions right, and trust in our approach that sees Hanover Search Partners making the first contact with candidates.

  • Our Retained Search Services

    We provide the exclusive commitment of a dedicated research team on retained search projects. Within 3 weeks we will conclude the mapping and approach phases of a search, including assets such as organisational charts and competitor analysis to ensure only the right candidates are sourced.

  • A Leading Name In Our Sector

    As a result of the teamwork and leadership organic to our company, we have been ranked #1 in Retail Financial Services and Insurance and ranked #4 in Asset Management and Global Banking for assignments £100,000 - £200,000 in the Executive Grapevine UK market report.

  • We Do Things Differently

    Increasing our market penetration and developing our networking reach is key to how we work. As such we deploy our resources to independently research and interpret industry trends, as well as sponsoring and organising industry conferences.

  • We Will Surprise You

    Our approach to search and selection sets us apart from the crowd. We rarely advertise, understanding that discretion is key to engaging quality individuals. Our selection process is backed up by an impeccable and quality assured approach to research.