Past Event - Resilience in the Age of COVID

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Hanover Webinar: Resilience in the Age of COVID

Hanover had the pleasure of being joined by Jenny Segal, an experienced speaker and leader, with a passion for people development. 

Jenny shared her life experiences and the immense challenges she has been through, but how that has helped her adapt and develop tools to become more resilient which we can all learn from in today’s environment and more broadly in our own personal life experiences. 

Resilience is a word we hear a lot about at the moment, but also being authentic as leaders, and understanding why people are struggling. How managers can support and ensure they get the best out of their worforce. Jenny talked about the need to have passions, hobbies, setting yourself goals and targets, but being kind to yourself when you don’t quite meet them and rewarding yourself when you do.

Jenny discussed the importance of being kind to yourself and nurturing your mind and body, that being vulnerable isn’t a weakness, in fact, asking for help is a positive way to help you cope and succeed.


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