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No two companies are the same

Whilst many leadership and talent challenges are common across most industries and sectors, every business is different.  That’s why our leadership and talent solutions are designed around you and your business objectives.

Our passion for identifying and developing talent is matched only by our commercial savvy and pragmatic approach to solving leadership and talent challenges.


Defining High-Performance Leadership

Just why are your best leaders so good? What’s the common ‘DNA’ that is found in the way they think, behave, make decisions and lead others?

What if you could accurately define this DNA and use it to select, develop, performance manage and deploy high-caliber leaders across your organization?

We can help you define exactly this for your organization, based on current and emerging business challenges and strategies. By working with your leadership team and high-performing leaders at different levels, we can uncover the values, behaviors, and approaches used to enable successful outcomes.

Selecting High-Performing Leaders

How do you ensure you select the best leaders for critical roles in your business? Whether it’s hiring an external candidate or promoting from within, you can’t afford to make a costly mistake.

Our in-depth and impartial assessment process defines the success factors for individual roles and measures candidates against them. The resulting insights go far beyond those generated by standard selection processes. They will help you identify strengths, gaps and potential in detail and quantify and manage appointment risks.

We closely support your decision-making process, working in concert with Hanover’s Executive Search team, but always remaining impartial and focused on your best-interests.

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high-performing leaders & teams

Your leaders and teams may already follow some development pathways, but how tailored, relevant and engaging are they?

We work with leaders and teams to challenge their assumptions and identify their development priorities (through psychometrics, development assessments, team analysis and more). We also support the enhancement of their communication, impact and leadership behaviors.

With feedback and coaching our approach is tailored, business-focused and practical. We’re challenging but supportive and focused on helping participants to convert reflection and planning into action.

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Identifying potential & managing succession

How can you ensure you have a ready supply of outstanding future leaders at every level in your organization, and that they’re ready to step up and take on new challenges when the time comes?

Our robust assessment approach produces evidence-based data on personality, performance and potential. A positive participant experience is guaranteed, thereby improving your employer brand.  Through in-depth feedback we can help you - and them - understand which role ‘shape’ and career track is most likely to engage them and make the most of their strengths.

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