Investment Management

The Private Client Investment Management arena has seen unprecedented change in the last 5 years. Compliance requirements have strengthened, investment processes have centralised and propositions evolved. These factors, in addition to the changing needs of intermediaries and technological innovations have changed the face of the market forever and continue to pose significant strategic and recruitment challenges to the sector.


To help our clients to meet these challenges, Hanover Search Group have a dedicated Private Client Investment Management team that works closely with Discretionary Investment Managers from the large nationals to boutiques.


With over 20 years’ experience engaging with this market, our highly specialised team has detailed sector knowledge and expertise.  We regularly execute searches for Chief Investment Officers, Heads of Investment Management, Discretionary Investment Managers, Heads of Research and Equity & Fund analysts. We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our extensive knowledge and experience to interested clients and candidates alike.




As Client Director for Wealth Management Andrew has responsibility for  leading our Wealth Management team's client development strategy, overseeing key client relationships and ensuring consistency & excellence in everything the team does. Andrew also executes senior mandates in Wealth Management with support from Hanover’s research team.  Andrew has worked at Hanover for 13 years and is a member of Hanover’s European Leadership Team.

Recently completed mandates

Chief Investment Officer
Discretionary Investment Manager
Chief Investment Officer
National Stockbroker
Executive Director, Portfolio Management
Global Private Bank
Head of Research
Major Discretionary Managers
Head of Fixed Income
National Discretionary Investment Manager
Equity Analysts
Discretionary Managers
Fund Analysts, Quant & Qualitative
Discretionary Investment Managers
Discretionary Investment Managers
Discretionary Investment Managers
Investment Manager
Boutique Private Bank