Which technology skills do you need on your team - and how can you find the top tech talent?

ByHanover Team
Posting date: 08 October 2020
In an increasingly digital world, it’s vital to have a team that is capable of leveraging technology and understands the latest innovations within the tech space, just as it’s important for leaders to review how they can maximise technology in the hiring process. This will enable businesses to embrace agility and charge ahead even in times of adversity.

With the pandemic forcing many organisations to rethink their organisational makeup and strategies, now is the perfect time to examine which skills you need in your business to remain successful in the future. Here are the technology skills you need on your team and how to secure the top tech talent.

Big data

First came the Internet of Things – the idea that physical objects could communicate and exchange data through wireless networks. When the term was coined, the tech industry hadn’t yet imagined the sheer amount of data that these connections could generate. Now, the evolution of big data is revealing new possibilities like people data and enabling companies to use digital information to make interactions with customers more personal by customising experiences.

The use of big data by streaming giant – Netflix – is said to have saved them $1 billion in customer retention fees, according to their Chief Product Officer and VP of Product Innovation. This illustrates how having the top tech talent can enable businesses to develop new operating models and become more data-driven. Candidates who are proficient in navigating data management tools can use stores of data to feed into AI systems, allowing them to improve algorithms and deliver more meaningful insights.


Gartner projected that the global public cloud market would grow 17% in 2020, bringing the total value to $266.4 billion. Covid-19 has presented both opportunities and challenges, and while the turn of the decade saw most sectors experience a drop in demand, for cloud computing it could not have been any different. The adoption of cloud technology has surged in recent months as many companies had no choice but to embrace the services for information sharing and offline storage. This has enabled businesses to encourage collaboration within remote teams and overcome the challenges of remote leadership.

Cloud technology is increasingly being used for testing and deployment, among marketing platforms and for enterprise resource planning. Businesses must now form a team which can confidently navigate private, public and hybrid cloud environments and understand how technology designs can be integrated so they support business goals. However, as the list of cloud computing applications grows so does the risk of security breaches.

Information security 

Information security encompasses the protection of all data, both digital and physical. In 2018, GDPR came into effect to ensure a standard for the protection of personal data and privacy and while a lot of its responsibility has fallen upon HR departments and compliance officers, the legal framework is something every employee in a business should understand. In a data-driven workplace, handling personal data is inevitable and tech teams need to be aware of regulations around how they can safeguard that personal data. When hiring technology leaders, companies should seek out candidates who know the policy around using portable devices when out of the office and working from home, rules around using personal devices and how to report a security breach.

As the competition for experienced information security candidates intensifies so too does the war for individuals with cyber-security skills. A recent study uncovered that the cybersecurity workforce is under pressure to grow by 145% to meet the rising demand. Further to this, as the EU enforces a more stringent cookie consent policy, technology teams need to keep a keen eye on changing laws surrounding data protection.

How to recruit the best tech talent 

It’s no secret that there’s a tech talent deficit and it’s estimated to be costing the UK £63 billion each year. To identify those candidates who are tech trailblazers it’s essential to adopt a consultative and in-depth recruitment strategy. By partnering with a specialist tech recruitment agency with a focus on market intelligence,  businesses can secure the best talent on the tech scene.

At Hanover, we know that technology is the keystone shaping every sector in contemporary markets, so we make it our business to remain ahead of trends and developments impacting organisations and professionals in technology. We have extensive experience in engaging with the industry’s best people who will leverage technology to allow your business to remain competitive and disruptive. Whether you’re looking for a Chief Information Officer, Head of IT or someone with a deep knowledge of cloud computing, we can help you to attract and retain the best talent.

Contact us to find out how our extensive knowledge of the technology sector enables us to source talent from the less obvious places.

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