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The Executive Search Process


Talent is in short supply. We all know that people are your greatest asset.

We have a proven methodology. After two decades we know what works - or more importantly, what doesn’t - so we are trusted by our clients. Our agile approach to the delivery of recruitment solutions allows us to treat every client with an essence of individuality, allowing you to feel you are 100% part of the solution delivered.

How is the process initiated?

Whether you are an existing client using us to recruit another executive or board member, or you're new to Hanover, our process always begins the same: we initiate a deep dive into your organization's history,  business strategy and culture, as well as establish a thorough understanding of the team, job profile and expectations of your potential new hire.  Our expert partners and consultants will guide you through salary and package expectations, market talent supply and how our firm's approach will produce a diverse and inclusive candidate pool of exceptional leaders.  Whether your long-term goals are building a more diverse workforce, pushing organizational culture forward, or disrupting your industry, we are ready to discuss and fulfil any and or all of your business initiatives.

Why should I use Hanover?

We are experts; voted number-one firm by Executive Grapevine for the consecutive year in the categories of Financial Services and Retail, highly ranked for Asset Management and Global Banking.

We apply this same expertise to all our markets, whether they are newly emerging or one that we have been successfully recruiting within for twenty years. Our proactive intentional and deep specialist approach enables us to offer swift research and process-led methodology that delivers a 90% success rate, frequently within 3 weeks of signing our contract.

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How does psychometric profiling help you select the best candidates?

Understanding candidates at a deeper level helps you to assess how they’re likely to think, behave and interact with others. It also helps you to evaluate their cultural fit and how their personality will contribute to diversity in your organization. Through short-listed candidates completing a short online questionnaire, you gain valuable insights that support your decision-making process. 

How does leadership assessment help to manage risk and onboard successful candidates?

Psychometric profiling provides good insight, but for senior and other critical roles, we build on this by offering in-depth leadership assessment. This focuses on behavior: how a candidate achieves results and leads others. Through a rigorous but supportive process with both internal and external candidates, we gather behavioral evidence against the factors that equate to high performance in the role. You receive comprehensive insights that help you to identify, quantify and manage the risks associated with key appointments. Candidates receive detailed feedback that supports a seamless onboarding and establishes a foundation for success in the role.

What happens if I don’t know exactly what I am looking for?

At times, an existing job description just isn’t what’s required. Whether you are finding a particular role description is not meeting your needs or you have identified the necessity for a new and unique position,  there are a number of ways Hanover can guide you to the correct specification. This may mean offering our Leadership Solutions team to help assess and benchmark the current talent in the business, or working with one of our specialist partners to map out what you need and will be able to attract with your budget. Our partners have in-depth knowledge about salary, remuneration packages and other requirements to ensure you meet your goals.

How do you screen and find the candidates?

We draw on extensive networks, spending many hours researching, identifying and engaging with potential executives. In-depth knowledge of our sectors and internal collaboration provides brilliant results. Extensive trusting relationships built over time allow our partners to reach the very best candidates, and with knowledge and influence gain interest. When we present the shortlist, it goes without saying we will have met them in person and have a genuine understanding of their abilities, experience, passion and drive - we won’t waste anyone’s time.

What happens if things go wrong?

We too are vulnerable. When dealing with people - plus macroeconomic factors - sometimes things don’t go to plan. We work in partnership with you to find a solution when this happens, and sometimes re-thinking and re-approaching an executive search gives amazing results.

How long will it take?

The timeline for each search is dependent on the role and market talent availability; however, we aim to produce a shortlist for your new executive member as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. It’s not uncommon to have a shortlist for your new executive team member within 3 weeks.

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