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In today’s uncertain political climate, ever-increasing regulation and technology advancements, Risk Management plays a critical strategic role for financial institutions.

Risk officers must be highly skilled in managing complex relationships with Regulators, Boards, C-suite, Shareholders, and other Stakeholders. We help firms build functional teams to deliver on their strategic vision. The requirement for corporate transparency means hiring technically reliable, innovative, and agile leaders, critical to business growth.

With over 20 years of experience, our consultants have gained expertise and knowledge through multiple economic cycles and, during that time, have built a strong network of contacts that continues to grow. As new regulatory regimes have unfolded, we have helped build Risk Management teams to meet enhanced standards the industry and customers demand.

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Our Audit, Risk and Compliance team are real sector market experts.

Hanover has been assisting clients in building out their compliance and risk functions for more than 20 years. 

Having recruited in the sector pre and post-credit crunch, we have seen the industry evolve where Risk professionals are now integral to driving corporate strategy, and there is an enhanced need for forward-thinking agile leaders.

Today’s an uncertain political climate.

New regulation and increased technology have seen the rise of interim contract staff to bolster existing teams and bring in unique expertise. With an extensive network of contacts built up over many years, we can assist with finding talent for permanent roles and providing you with highly skilled contractors as and when needed.

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We know that people are your biggest asset. At Hanover, we offer a range of services designed to flex to your specific business requirements.

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