I want to QUIT my job – now!

Candidate: I want to quit

Recruiter: How come?

Candidate: Well I have no-where to go career-wise, the job is complete, there is nothing new to learn, plus I’d like more money. I also have some issues surrounding …

- The toxic and hostile environment

- Jealousy from colleagues

- Office dynamics

- Team culture fit / personality conflict

- Unhealthy corporate culture

- The long hours / ‘work-life’ balance

- Poor leadership and communication

- Being micromanaged

- Being passed over for promotion

- The job losing its purpose

- Feeling unchallenged, bored, not empowered

- Lack of professional development

- Not being recognised for contributions

- Not being supported, valued or APPRECIATED

Of course, not all candidates have all these issues though the last point – appreciation - is worth a reflective pause.

Looking at the cartoon that depicts nature we see a twig delicately held in the bird’s mouth being delivered to its already abundant nest. Though I wonder if we ever see our every move, position and current role, boss, manager, colleague, situation, event or occurrence, hiring,  job loss, reaction, trial or tribulation in the same light or treat it with the same diligence with regard to something being added to ourselves and thus adding to a personal abundance that is already there?

As a recruiter I often find in a candidate’s experience how each instance or “twig” is an informer of - “all the parts that make up the whole”. That every thing and every exact precise detail is important to the bigger picture and structure of things, almost like engineering. That however big, minor or small each experience is, it is completely invaluable because of how it informs a piece of the bigger piece of ourselves that is often dismissed or passed off as not important. But it is important. For each piece can inform things such as the relationship we’re having with our own selves, with our worth, importance and value, how much we are featuring in our job or who we are, what we stand for, what we may need to let go of and accept, whether the way we are working is working, how we are communicating and interacting and so on.

Ultimately each symbolic “twig” is the necessary informant that brings forth the way and path of our own evolution and sets the pace or rate at which we are evolving throughout whole-life which includes work. When we are informed about ourselves we are informed about another, a workplace, career, leadership, the quality of work produced … we are informed about our present-future and where we are heading personally, collectively.

Work then is simply a place for us to learn and to evolve from that learning.

Where there is everything to value and appreciate in this continual expansion of our home or work nest and even the universe itself.

Zofia Sharman - all about relationship, leads the HR practice for Hanover Search Group and for many years has been deeply committed towards the importance of well-being and vitality at work, to those careers she helps manage and to those clients she recruits for too.